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Stop cultural ties with Pakistan

The decision of political parties like Shiv Sena, MNS to protest against inviting singers and players from Pakistan and to ban them from performing in our country, is not without merit and should be welcomed. While one would agree such ban on singers, writers etc. violates their freedom of expression, the issue is relevant.  Pakistan has refused to cooperate with us on terrorism and continues to be a safe haven for terrorists targeting India. There are open ceasefire violations across the border and unprovoked firing on our soldiers and civilians. The terrorists with the support of the Pakistani army have been aging a “proxy war” for decades in which our soldiers and security forces are being killed almost every day. Just a couple of days ago four jawans were killed after militants opened fire on an Army patrol in North Kashmir’s Hafruda forest.

Many are of the opinion that sports, entertainment and culture should not be mixed with politics. However, at present it is necessary to isolate Pakistan in every way (this had been stressed by none other than our Foreign Minister Mrs. Sushma Swaraj in her address at the UN Assembly a few days ago). Those wanting Pakistani singers, actors, sportsperson to perform in our nation, do not show any concern over the “mini-war” that has been thrust upon us by our neighbour. As far as sports with Pakistan is concerned, they have never played the game in true spirit. A match with them — be it hockey or cricket — is literally seen as a war, the ground being the battlefield!

Even while Ghulam Ali would entertain the organizers and others in an AC hall, killings would go unabated and there would be plans for more terror attacks on India.  Can you ever enjoy the “Ghazal” or a game at the cost of the lives of our own countrymen and brave jawans who defend the borders for our safety?

Pakistani artistes, being cultural ambassadors of their country, should openly condemn state-sponsored terrorism and must use their clout with those at the helm there, to cooperate with India in dismantling terror camps. These artistes must promote “unity, harmony and peace in the world”  and to begin with, ask Pakistani rulers to take earnest efforts to eliminate terrorism.

Incidentally, our government should muster the courage to isolate Pakistan as day in and day out, our jawans get killed for no reason and due to infiltration of terrorists aided by the Pakistani army. No diplomatic relations, no cultural and bilateral relations, no commerce and trade, no transport and no sports and entertainment too.  Cripple Pakistan economically at least and stop the so called talks for peace forever (let us not bother what the US or the UN will say or dictate!)

In the name of “peace talks”, for decades, all we have witnessed is the visit of Pakistan PM, certain dignitaries and officials, photo-ops with Indian officials, followed by a visit to Taj Mahal. In all such meetings, the decisions taken are only to have another round of meetings and talks at a later date. And in the meanwhile, there is only large scale engineering of terrorism and ceasefire violations across the borders. High time our PM and the government at the centre showed its “true action”—to begin with, start isolating “it” in every sphere. Meanwhile, it’s time for all our leaders, countrymen and the opposition leaders to remain firmly united against terrorism.

Krishna Kumar


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