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Stop, drop and shop this Diwali

Diwali is not only a festival of lights, but also a season of discount deals, cash back offers, flash sales and price drops both online and in shops. These are quite attractive and people are taken by the same offers. In this year’s Diwali, we witness the sale is becoming less in shops as people prefer online purchases. However, the Malls in and around Mumbai are the best places to shop. There is sufficient space to move around with joyride available for children below 3 years. Customers really enjoy shopping during Diwali season.  It is indeed a nice time to see people flock for Diwali purchases. Shopping is at its best during Festival season as the buyer get lots of discount and free items.

Shopping is really a grace and passion and ladies enjoy shopping more than men. Children accompany parents to enjoy mall atmosphere. With introduction of credit/debit cards and as kiosks available at every shopping Mall it is not difficult to draw money and do shopping. Shopping malls offer great discounts from 50 to 60 per cent to woo the customers. The saying goes like this “Save something for the Festive season”. But the shops offer best discounts during the seasonal sale to make old stock move. It is best time for shop owners to move their old stock by offering slash in prices. Somehow, the consumers are falling in this trap. It is time for stop, drop and shop during Festival season. There are terrific offers on watches, jewellery and fragrances just like in clothes and other consumer items. It is best to avoid purchasing and get cheated with a hope getting high discount. In the end it is money that matters very much.

Despite all the drawbacks, online shopping contributes good business during festive season with lots to offer for the buyers. Online shopping is a great resource for finding products that are from past seasons or that are being liquidated. Housing this type of product in a central warehouse allows the retailer to sell products longer by letting them sit unsold, without destroying the profit margin. This practice can then result in significant savings for customers who do not need to purchase the most current products. The margin of profit is passed on to the consumers also and the buyers feel happy to go online to get competitive rates on commodities of their choice and liking by picking the product by going through the tariff online.

Communication with online shoppers is often streamlined with automatic responses to questions and follow-up, often with more professional and corporately trained employees than those found in brick-and-mortar operations. Customer services and policies are clearly stated on reputable sites to lessen any consumer confusion. Well-trained ‘live’ sales representatives are made available to those who have questions without waiting in long lines or searching the aisles for a store associate. Price-comparison sites such as Price Grabber enable shoppers to shop smarter, through utilising services that compare the prices of a product at several stores. Shoppers not only get competitive pricing information but also product reviews and site reviews to help with their decision of what and where to buy online. Many online stores waive sales tax charges or shipping costs to entice shoppers to make an online purchase. Also, reputable sites offer toll-free numbers for customers who do not post their personal information and credit card numbers online.

Online stores have experienced tremendous growth in recent years. Smart retailers are responding with improved user-friendly sites, more direct promotional events, enticing customer loyalty programs and good old-fashioned customer service. This Diwali is for discount sales and it is time to stop, drop and shop through personal visit to shop or browse through your mouse for online shopping.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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