Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Stop giving publicity to Swami Omji

This refers to your story “Swami Omji thrown out of Hindu Mahasabha”. Big Boss has taken good and quick decision of kicking Swami Om out of the show. Swami has crossed all limits of revulsion when he peed at fellow contestants Bani, judge and Rohan Mehra. Nobody can be so dumb like him on national television. The worst thing is the old man showed no signs of guilt for what he did. He tried to play the role of evil or villain. Irritated by his behaviour Salman Khan has rightly said that Swami Om does not deserve to have the prefix, “Swami”. If people like Om will be called Swami then we will not have faith in Swamis anymore. He is known for making derogatory comments and making absolutely no sense.

Indian reality game show Big Boss has never failed to provide us with contestants with pretty impressive and interesting backgrounds. The self-proclaimed godman has made some demeaning statements in Big Boss and has been criticised by the fellow contestants for the same. The makers of the show should now realize the dangers of bringing ordinary uneducated commoners on the programme. He was there to irritate other helpless inmates who cannot cause any harm to him. His performance in the show has been disgraceful and brought shame to mankind. Why everyone is still promoting this clown? Stop showing him on TV and interviewing him.

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