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Stop lavish weddings

The Kerala government’s decision to bring a bill to curb expensive and lavish wedding ceremonies in the state is laudable. The parents of the girl who cannot afford to spend lumpsum money are made to feel inferior. Obnoxious display of wealth is anti-social. On an average, even a middle class family has to shell out ten lakh rupees for arranging a wedding ceremony. It is a huge sum for a middle level officer, if he works honestly. The situation worsens further if a family has two girls and the father is nearing retirement age. Dowry and expensive wedding celebrations are responsible for increasing corruption besides being a social evil.

It is also reported that an MP who is associated with cricket board, had acquired expensive land in Mumbai and is unwilling to part with it. The malady with most of us is that we want to make hundred crores very soon and then try to double it in the next couple of months. Kanimozhi and Raja are good examples besides Narain Sain. We blindly follow superstition pertaining to a dead “Maharaj” being considered alive and various theories are being discussed on television.

Someone also said that caste based reservation is ultra-virus to the concept of equality in the constitution. The anchor quickly interrupted and said that now we are facing a dangerous situation.
People who have benefited the most on account of reservations are the one who belong to creamy layer. On the other hand, people belonging to poor financial background have not derived any benefit from reservations. One of my colleagues a retired DDG shipping under the influence of few pegs while walking with me said, “We do not want honest persons in the government”. His confidence and conviction was worth watching. People say lot of middle men exists in Delhi. They are unaware that these people have always existed and will continue to exist.

Have you noticed a picture of Rajiv Shukla and Anuradha Prasad depicting a good level of comfort in daily life but will pull out the daggers while discussing politics on TV. BJP and Congress are equal partners in spreading and patronizing corruption. Excessive concentration of wealth in one hand has also resulted into corruption. Why do you think that a boy or a girl hailing from north east unable to find a role in Bollywood films? We should have a balanced view and not get too much sympathetic to people from north east. We must also ascertain whether they are not attempting to draw unfair advantage because some of them may not be very innocent. Teachers, hostel wardens and principals should remain watchful to check whether these students are really pursuing studies and not engaged in any bad habit. Society should remain vigilant and vibrant in addition to being tolerant and supportive.

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