Monday, June 14, 2021
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Strong opposition strengthens democracy

By-poll debacle for BJP in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar is a big setback for the ruling party at the center but it is a boon in disguise for brand Modi as the Prime Minister will now not be complacent or overconfident but will come out with a new strategy to take on the United opposition in the 2019 Parliamentary elections. BSP-SP coming together was politics of convenience but such alliances don’t work in the long-term when there are ideological differences and hunger for power without food and fodder fails most times. Congress is down and out and there is no leader in the opposition camp to challenge Modi’s charisma which means Modi govt would return to power easily in 2019 though there may not be a clean sweep like the one witnessed in 2014. The roles of opposition are more important in a democracy than the ruling party and let us hope that the coming parliamentary elections are a close fight so that the government that comes to power is not complacent but works for the development of the nation!

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