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Summer special classes steal the show

Children need to have some relaxing period during the summer vacation time. Crafts help children to develop their concentration and skills. Kids have become too dependent on the mobile phone and television, which is affecting their behaviour and memory power. It is high time to divert the minds of children from electrical gadgets and make them concentrate on various activities concerning their studies in a better way. Summer vacation is the best time to go and learn various crafts through special classes.

Even for a subject like craft, younger children need to be coaxed a little with singing and fun activities as per experts. Older kids can be very innovative in reusing discarded materials to create new handicrafts. As a sample, tall flower vases are made from the cylindrical cardboard tubes that are used in printer paper rolls. Painted with bright colours and jazzed up with rhinestone decorations, these vases look pretty and sturdy standing on a base made out of discarded compact discs.

It is better to stay away from the Internet for inspiration. Many children come with ideas derived from YouTube videos, but it is advisable to have that originality, which is important to win the competitions of a high standard.

Though crafts take a backseat as students graduate to senior school, the lessons still have a positive impact on their drawing and handwriting skills. Craft classes are also beneficial for people with disability to develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination for the long run. For both teacher and student, it is very satisfying to see how a craft project gets completed when you are working with your hands.

Summer special classes bring cheers to children as they are willing to go for a weekly, fortnightly and monthly classes. The charges range from Rs1000/- per week to Rs1500/-. But it is worth spending this amount as the children get maximum exposure and the knowledge gained by them over a period tend to make them learn more from their own creativity. Such activities keep them busy from the regular routine of seeing Chota Bheem or Doremon etc. over TV channels.

From what we can tell, however, each one has shown outstanding commitment to craftsmanship; an unusual variety of media and skills taught; a stimulating and impressive approach to learning, requiring residency and a full day’s work; a sense of community, even collaboration; and a physical environment conducive to creative adventure. It is indeed a first-hand experience for children to hit the top in later years.



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