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Surgery for weight loss or bariatric surgery – get your facts right!

weight-loss-surgeryFor some people who are extremely obese with or suffer from diabetes, exercise and dieting isn’t enough and they need to undergo surgery. Now weight loss surgery isn’t advisable for everyone. People who believe that it is a short cut for weight loss are generally not the ones who need it. This is for people who have honestly tried to lose weight and tried various gyms, diets, have gone and have lost weight which keeps coming back.’

Who should opt for it?

The surgery isn’t for everyone. The procedure is advised for those patients who are at least 25-30 kg overweight with a BMI which is 32.5 or above. People with severe diabetes, hypertension or obstructive sleep apnoea associated with obesity are also likely candidates. Women who have irregular periods and are unable to conceive due to obesity can also opt for the surgery.’ The surgery is also very effective for type 2 diabetics since it increases insulin resistance and helps control blood sugar. It’s believed that around the 80 per cent type 2 diabetics will go back to having normal blood sugar without medicinal intervention.

It’s not for everyone!

Bariatric surgery shouldn’t be performed on people who have an unstable heart condition or untreated angina. Other people who shouldn’t undergo the procedure are those who’re psychologically unstable, since they won’t understand or appreciate the efforts you need to put in post-surgery.

Life after surgery

Getting a bariatric surgery is just the beginning. The next bit is far tougher which requires you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This will need you follow a nutritious diet and be physically active so that you can lose your extra weight. Since the quantity that a person can eat will be reduced, people will need to eat protein-rich foods like milk products, pulses, eggs, fish, chicken, etc. They also need to exercise and train properly.

Side effects and complications

Recently, actor Rakesh Deewana died after undergoing weight loss surgery. After the procedure, he suffered hypertension and brain stem dysfunction. The truth is that like all other surgeries, risks will also be present in bariatric surgeries. It could be linked to anaesthesia, how the surgery is done and also the follow-up. There is also some chance of kidney issues, low blood sugar, nerve issues and you could also suffer from chronic nutritional problems after the surgery.

What you should realise before undergoing this surgery is that it’s by no ways a magic pill to lose weight. It’s only for those who are unable to lose weight after trying for a long time and/or are facing severe issues due to their obesity.

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