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Is ‘Tax free’ status to ‘Dangal’ justified?

‘Dangal’ is a great movie but is the ‘tax free’ status given to the movie justified when the producers increase the movie ticket rates adjusting the tax portion to fool the government. It doesn’t really benefit the people who go to watch the movie when ticket rates are exorbitantly priced around Rs.200.Filmmakers include the tax rates in the ticket prices which neutralizes the tax benefits. Tax free status should be given with certain conditions and the important one being the ticket rates should be reasonably priced so that people derive benefit out of it. Dangal is a great movie but producers are really looting not just the government but also the people by inflating ticket rates. The movie has earned 3 to 4 billion rupees and Aamir Khan and his co-producers should use some portion of their profits in developing sports on which the film is made.

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