Tuesday, June 22, 2021
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Technical glitches in Aadhaar issuance process

Aadhaar as a tool to curb black money and corruption has worked wonders as subsidies as well as other benefits for the poor directly gets deposited to the deserving citizen’s bank account. However, there still is a glitch in the issuance process as most Aadhaar centres have been shut for the time being may be for a valid reason by the govt and the limited in operation has long queues and waiting period. Most of the ‘Aadhaar card issued in the earlier initial phase has lot of errors and citizens are finding it difficult to rectify them.
Linking Aadhaar to bank account has been made mandatory from the January 1, 2018. Government should give permission to banks to rectify Aadhaar errors at bank branches and even issue duplicate or fresh cards to those who have yet to apply so that the transition phase to Aadhaar linkage is smooth. Citizens wholeheartedly support the corruption free system but it is no fault of theirs if they cannot participate in the system for technical glitches or administrative shortcomings!

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