Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Terrorist attack on Amarnath Pilgrimage

Pilgrims returning after paying homage at the Amarnath shrine were attacked by terrorists. This pilgrimage is annually on the radar of the terrorists. Hence the slightest carelessness on the part of the pilgrims and security agencies, is taken advantage of by the terrorists to shed blood. That the bus carrying the pilgrims was not registered, and not following the rule of ban on traveling on the highway after 7pm, resulted in endangering pilgrims lives. In this pilgrimage, it is of the utmost necessity to follow, the rules set by the government. The reasons for this need not be explained. Why are unregistered vehicles allowed to ply? This incident has shown how dangerous it is to overlook even the paltriest of rules in sensitive area like Kashmir. It is the duty of the pilgrims to follow the rules and help the security agencies. The pilgrims will be able to visit the famous shrines in our country without the Damocles sword hanging on their heads; only after the neighbouring country is destroyed. 

Kunal Cheulkar

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