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Third time lucky Abu Salem

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Gangster Abu Salem’s plea for 45 days’ parole to get married for the third time was rejected. Salem, who is currently serving a life sentence for his involvement in the 1993 Mumbai blasts, had written to jail authorities seeking parole to marry Mumbai-based Sayed BaharKausar alias Heena. Salem is planning to tie the knot on May 5. He would be staying at Kausar’s home in Mumbra for the duration of the parole. The plea for parole mentioned Mohammed Salim Abdul RazakMemon and Mohammed RafiqueSayyed, believed to be his cousins, as guarantors.

Abu Salem is said to be a billionaire gangster worth Rs 40 billion (Approx. $0.67 billion). The man’s cash and property have been valued at least Rs 10 billion, which is divided between him and his wife, Samira Jumani. While Salem stakes a claim to Rs 2 billion, his wife possesses Rs 8 billion in cash and property. Salem’s investments in Bollywood and ‘hawala’ rackets are estimated to be at least another Rs 30 billion. He married Samira Jumani, a college girl and a 17-year-old minor in 1991, from whom he has two children. They later got divorced. Samira currently lives in the United States.

On 20 September 2002, Interpol in Lisbon, Portugal arrested Salem along with Monica Bedi. His satellite phone was tracked using GPS technology. Monica was a film actress who reportedly had a relationship with him. In February 2004, a Portugal court cleared his extradition to India to face trial in the 1993 Bombaybomb blasts case. In November 2005, Portuguese authorities handed him over to India on the assurance by the Government of India that the death penalty would not be handed out. When Salem was in Lisbon fighting India’s extradition attempt, the fingerprint and photographs taken after his arrest in 1991 provided the only proof that he was indeed Salem. Monica Bedi (his alleged second wife) was also extradited to India and later convicted of passport forgery in 2006 and served her imprisonment. Now she has returned to acting and doing well with TV serials.

Now the third time, 25-year-old Mumbra girl who is seeking to marry Abu Salem has threatened to kill her if her application before the TADA court for permission to tie the nuptials with Salem. In her six-page application, Sayed BaharKausarclaims to have been completely devastated and distressed because of her reported nikaah with the gangster on board a Lucknow-bound train in 2014. A commerce graduate from a local college has sought permission of the court for Salem to be brought to Mumbai at the office of the registrar of marriages to sign on the documents and formalise their nikkah under the Special Marriage Act. Salem is presently lodged inTaloja jail.

Insisting that her decision to marry the incarcerated gangster was more of a compulsion, she blamed the police for undue victimisation by circulating the “morphed” photographs of her with the gangster. Thepolice called Kausar and her friend for inquiry. However, instead of making inquiries with her, they slapped her and till date she is under shock. Kausar claimed that the police harassment has led to their relatives and neighbours maintain a distance from them.

The present situation, she claimed, has only made her ineligible for marriage as her husband would always view her with suspicion and link her to Salem. She is presently staying with her mother, maternal grandfather and her elder brother. The family is believed to have endorsed her decision to tie the nuptials with Salem.

Salem agreed to marry the woman after her claims that she could not find a groom because of being wrongly associated with the gangster. If media reports had to be believed then Salem had married Sayed BaharKausar ‘over the phone’ during a train journey when he was being taken by police to Lucknow for a court hearing in January 2014.

Earlier, Salem himself had dubbed the report baseless and the woman had said in her affidavit that subsequent visits to her house by the police had defamed her and ruined her career. In a two-page reply to the court, Salem accepted the proposal and said he appreciated the bold stand taken by the woman. Apologising for the situation he had inadvertently put the woman in, he said he would like to marry her “so that the woman can freely move around and be able to meet and answer all the relatives, friends, and well-wishers with her head up in the society.”

The reply reads: “I respect the feelings of the woman and also understand her position; I have no intention that will cause her further disrepute and disrespect. I do not intend to be the cause of any further untoward circumstances… as it has been claimed by her that she will commit suicide if she does not get permission to marry me. I was unaware of the fact that the woman had to face such things in the name of investigation. I apologise from the bottom of my heart to the woman for whatever suffering she had to undergo because of my name getting tagged with her. I am not doing any favour to her by accepting her proposal but (I am accepting it) with great respect and gratitude. I don’t want her to be further defamed because of my name or me. I also undertake to take care of her in all respects once she gets married to me and that she will not be further defamed, as officially she will be my wife.

I want to complete the formalities of marriage at the earliest so that the woman can freely move around and will be able to meet and answer all her relatives, friends, and well-wishers with her head up in the society. I, with folded hands, must humbly request Your Honor to kindly consider and grant us the said permission.”

Well, This ‘Kahani’ has many twists and story beyond the imagination of common man; everyone is curious to know about this entire saga that has surfaced all of a sudden. These evil minds have their fragile hearts too. They make and break as per the demand of the plot and time…


Right now it’s Qubool Hai for both of them, but not Qubool for administrations.

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