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This Couple Took the World’s Longest Honeymoon Ever

One couple, six continents, 33 countries, 675 days – no kidding!

Anne and Mike Howard gifted themselves a suitcase full of adventures and romance – an epic honeymoon that lasted over two years. The newlyweds quit their jobs, rented out their apartment and packed their bags for a trip around the world, with no itinerary to follow. Undeterred by the odds, they turned all the travel don’ts to dos.

They traversed the forests of Africa, let their hair down at the ‘ultimate party’ – the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro in South America, signed up for a Thai cooking class and a crash course in the Japanese arts in Asia and even traveled to Oceania and Europe. Yes, they are still married, happily married.

They wended their way back home after two years of travel with a life-time of memories. They decided to share their experiences and hence, developed a website for the same. Infact, Mike’s LinkedIn profile now lists him as a professional honeymooner, and we think he owns this never-heard-before-profession.

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