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Time to teach Pakistan a lesson

Peace prevails after months of war like tension on the Indo-China border in the Eastern sector of Doklam. Now Pakistan has opened front with India on the Line of Control and on the line of International Border on the Western Front in Kashmir. The rogue state of Pakistan is continuously violating cease fire in the Kashmir sector. Pakistani Army has now used missiles to strike at Indian posts and Indian villages near the border and near the Line of Control. The missiles being used against India were given to Pakistan by the United States for use against Al-Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan.

Should we take it that it is a joint conspiracy of Pakistan and China to keep India engaged in border skirmishes? In the given situation, we will have to think to bring changes in our diplomacy. It is India’s resolve that we have never been aggressor in the past; be it war with China in 1962, war with Pakistan in 1965 and in 1971. India never attacked first.

Even in the Kargil infiltration, it was Pakistan that entered our territory forcing a limited combat that forced Pakistani forces to pull back to their side of the Line of Control in Kargil sector.

Our peaceful approach should not be taken as our weakness. This has to be told to Pakistan in strongest possible term. Although Indian Army is giving befitting reply to Pakistan firing from across the line on Indian side, we will have to think some strong measure to teach Pakistan a lesson once again.

The problem is Pakistan is not ready for a dialogue with India to resolve tension on the border. Pakistan’s neighbour Iran too is angry with Pakistan for refusing to have diplomatic dialogue with it. Why Iran, even Bangladesh has this complaint with Pakistan for not having any diplomatic dialogue with it on many issues concerning the two nations. Diplomatic ties between Bangladesh and Pakistan has reduced to be a symbolic one. Pakistan is angry with Bangladesh because Dacca supported India on it surgical strike last year carried out by the Indian forces across the border on the Pakistani land. Bangladesh has not forgotten the excesses committed by the Pakistani Army on its people and women before the war of liberation in 1971.

Pakistan should realize that its Army cannot stand against the Indian Army. India’s military prowess is far superior to Pakistan. Even China realises the strength of India’s military power.

It goes without saying that China had to retreat in Doklam after India’s assertive stance. India being a nation of Buddha and Gandhi can’t wage war against any nation. But we should not forget that we are also a nation of legendary Arjun and Karna of Mahabharata. China has come to realise the strength of the Indian defence forces. Could be because of this factor China is using Pakistan to strike at India on the Kashmir front.

Epicentre of Terrorism

The world knows today that it is Pakistan which is the epicentre of terrorism. It is Pakistan that sends terrorists to different parts of the world to kill innocent people. India is worst hit by Pakistan terror attacks.

The US President Donald Trump has made it clear to Pakistan that Pakistan should immediately act against terrorists operating from the Pakistani soil. Trump has stopped all aides to Pakistan and said that it was a mistake on part of the US administration in the past to have given huge financial aid to Pakistan.

It is time that India should work towards strengthening its position particularly on is military front. It is only when world realizes that India is a strong nation other countries would come out in support of India.

It will be incorrect to think in today’s world that the war is fought by the Army alone. A nation fights war and in war the whole of the nation stands behind it. During the

Doklam standoff with China, no country came out to support India openly. Even the member nations of BRICS of which India and China are members, no effort was made to bring India and China on a negotiating table. If BRICS nations could not muster courage to mediate between India and China one should not expect the member countries of SAARC to come out in support of India and condemn Pakistan for cease fire violations. Only when we are strong enough countries like the United States of America and Israel would come out in support of India against Pakistan.

A friend of mine living in Jammu tells me that there has been continuous cease fire violation in Raspura sector in Kashmir valley by the Pakistani rangers. There has been more than 860 cease fire violations by Pakistan in 2017. These violations are taking place along 250 kilometre border from across the line when Pakistan guns boom on our military posts and on our civilian areas near the border. Heavy artillery, guns and mortars are being used against us. Many Indian soldiers including officer rank Army personnel have been killed by Pakistani firing on the line of control besides civilians. Large number of villagers sustained serious injuries when the Pakistani used mortars and missiles. The government has shifted civilian population in many border areas to safer places giving them food and shelter.

Although our Border Security Forces and Armed Forces are responding to the firing from across the border, time has come to tell Pakistan that India is ready to act beyond defence. It is a war like situation on the Indo-Pak border today.

One factor that is working against India is control of the Pakistani Army on a government which claims to be a civilian government. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, the Pakistani Prime Minister has little or no say over international affairs. Whether it is India or China, policy decision is taken by the Pakistani Army. Sort of being under Army rule, Pakistan has just the façade of a democratically elected government. Those who say to initiate peace talks with Pakistan should realize that India should talk to whom? Prime Minister or his Foreign Minister in Islamabad has no power to discuss India. Will National Security Advisor of India or out Foreign Secretary hold talks with chief of the Pakistani Army?

International pressure should be mounted on Islamabad and countries like the USA, China and Russia should come forward to force Pakistan to stop firing on Indian side.

R K Sinha

(The writer is a Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha)

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