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TMC’s workshop focuses on improving standard of living under PMAY

The Maharashtra Housing Department and Thane Municipal Corporation organised a workshop for Corporators, administrative department of TMC on Tuesday for creating awareness about Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana at Narendra Ballal Sabhgruha in Thane. The objective of this seminar was to create awareness among corporators about the basic parameters of category 4 of Time Model of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana to make amendments in the existing housing schemes. The workshop was inaugurated by the hands of Thane Mayor Minakshi Shinde. Deputy Mayor Ramakant Madhvi, Ram Repale chairman of standing committee Naresh Mhaske, leader of the house, Milind Patil, opposition leader along with Deepak Vetkar, Sharmila Pimplolkar Sunil Chavan and Dhaval Seth were present at the workshop.

Persons earning annual income below 3 lakh per annum are eligible for availing benefits of this scheme. However applicants should fulfill certain conditions and not own a house. The criteria 2 comprises construction expansion, maintenance including restructuring of houses. People residing in slums can avail benefit of this scheme.

As per survey conducted by technical group of the Government of India (2012-2017) 80 per cent people are residing in heavily congested areas. TMC Mayor Minakshi Shinde said, “Earlier many schemes were announced by the government but the common man was unaware about it. Under this scheme we need to offer benefits to taxpayers who are residing in slums for more than 80-90 years. Even though they pay tax they don’t have ownerships of homes. TMC is taking initiative and we are keen to implement this scheme for the welfare of the common man.”

Under this scheme, beneficiaries will get 2.5 lakhs as subsidy for providing financial assistance for renewal of existing homes.

Sunil Chavan, Additional Commissioner TMC said, “Using sophisticated technology is needed. We will co-operate with all public representatives to ensure the smooth functioning of the initiative.”

“We must ensure the smooth functioning of the expansion scheme of existing houses and its reconstruction or restructuring. All transactions will be conducted online which eliminates the chances of any kind of corruption. Soon we will implement this scheme with a faster pace and ensure its implementation,” he added.

A MHADA official said, “We are implementing this scheme as per the government guidelines and it is running in 382 cities. Applications for 5 lakhs homes are already passed under this scheme. Beneficiaries can avail subsidy after their applications are screened by agencies and MHADA.”

The government is running this scheme in association with KPMG which is international research advisory agency providing consultation to the government for effective implementation of the scheme.

Dhaval Seth, Associate Director KPMG said, “This scheme caters to large section of economically weaker sections. KPMG will assist for restructuring the infrastructure particularly this ambitious project.”

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