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To hell with the traffic rules!!

Every Mumbaikar has been in this situation – either in the car, bike or bus, stuck in that time-consuming traffic will know what a harrowing experience it is to simply just wait for the green light. But there are only few citizens in this big, populated city who abide by all rules and regulations. Also you must have seen many youngsters going zip-zap-zoom, probably enjoying the speed thrill and attention gained by their act, but what if they end up in a fatal accident? Some even lose their lives as they failed to follow the traffic rules. The very fact that these rules are in place, because each one has to be careful about one another, as we can’t endanger human lives as today everyone seems to be in a hurry.

All of us are well aware what happens when these traffic rules are violated? Obviously it surely causes delays and high probability of accidents to occur involving the pedestrians. Sometimes in a bid to overtake or reach soon to their destination vehicles take the wrong lane and it can prove to be very risky (that is why government appeals to motorists to follow traffic rules). Also in small lanes you will see guys just speeding up or trying some kind of stunts on their bikes (either gaining some experience or impressing some girl or show-off to their friends) this is also another dangerous trend which has been going on.

When no one reprimands them, then they advance these same moves on the main road thereby posing huge risk for themselves and others as well. To add to the maddening chaos are the jaywalkers who will not waste a single minute standing at the sidewalk and cross the road anytime they wish to, forcing speeding vehicles to stop midway(to avert an accident) which will likely cause a pile-up of other vehicles behind. I wonder how people can become so insensitive towards one another, neither do they think about themselves nor the person at the wheels. Also there are many hit-and-run cases where in the driver doesn’t bother to stop and check upon the victim/take him to the nearest hospital. The various signboards and road safety lessons all stands to nil when one sees such things happening.

The most common traffic rules which are very often broken are riding without helmet, going triple or more on the bike, riding/driving under the influence of alcohol, and so on. If educated people lack basic traffic sense then they might as well not use their vehicles. It feels great to own a vehicle as these people rarely use the public transport, but next time you use your vehicle or step on to the road then try to be a responsible citizen and avoid the afore mentioned things as the number of road deaths are increasing by the day. Finally the government must frame strict traffic rules and also increase the fines against offenders violating traffic norms.

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