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Too much tolerance from Mohd Salim, over intolerance

The BJP-led NDA government came under attack in Parliament, with Opposition parties issuing a number of notices in both Houses seeking a debate on ‘intolerance’ in society and action against some ministers for their alleged provocative remarks. Congress and JD-U have issued notices in Rajya Sabha to discuss the issue after suspension of business under Rule 267, while in Lok Sabha Congress and CPI-M have submitted notices for a debate under rule 193, which does not entail voting or require suspension of business. CPI (M) MP Mohammad Salim accused Home Minister Rajnath Singh of having said about Narendra Modi’s ascent to power that “a Hindu had come to power after 800 years”. Singh took objection to the statement, made in the Lok Sabha, and challenged Salim to either prove that he had said so or apologise. Singh added that he never made loose comments and was always very particular about what he said. Salim, however, said that he was quoting from a news magazine and if it was not true, Singh must send a legal notice to the media house. I remember, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader Ashok Singhal unabashedly announced Modi’s victory as power returning to a ‘Swabhimani Hindu’ after 800 years of void, since the time of Rajput king –Prithviraj Chauhan. I think that was his statement and not Rajnath Singh.

CPI (M) MP Mohammad Salim should have first written to the government to verify its worthiness before wasting the country’s time. This is a typical case on how media can disrupt the house by publishing reports. First, they should ban referring some media articles as part of their discussion in Parliament unless they own responsibility for what they are speaking. Otherwise, we are making mockery of Indian democracy and judicial system. Also, who knows, the same politician might have asked media to write some quote from his future discussion in the parliament, knowing that judiciary will take its own time to settle the matter. And till the time judgement deliver, this guy can freely spread the rumour in the disguise of media.

This intolerance debate is wasting the Parliament time. This nation knows the agenda behind the tolerance of the communal hatred incidents, statements and murders. What new information is going to be discussed and what new measures against newly emerging intolerance situation is going to be announced by the government? I was watching the session; this is ridiculous statement referring a newspaper. They don’t have courage to fight straight, hence raising hatred issue they want to fight with them. Don’t have guts to face these newspapers directly who made such a shameless comments? Our MPs should understand that Parliament meets to discuss important issues which are affecting millions of people. Rather, they are wasting time on petty issue and attacking Government. If a thing goes like this, even this session will also be a white wash like the previous one. With the Narendra Modi government reaching out to the Opposition to ensure the smooth passage for several crucial bills like GST, the Parliament took up a debate on the “situation arising out of incidents of intolerance” in the country under rule 193. Entire media was garnering TRP out of such controversial statements. Opposition is coming up with an agenda to disrupt the parliament.

After Mohd. Salim’s statement, National Conference president Omar Abdullah also said increasing incidents of intolerance and communal confrontation in the country has created a sense of despondency. Addressing a public rally at Banihal, he said, “Incidents such as Dadri and Udhampur are blots on the social fabric of the country and will continue to haunt the nation’s collective conscience. Omar said since PDP’s formation, the NC has consistently highlighted its political nexus with the BJP and RSS, which is an open fact. The NC president said the entire political discourse in the state has changed with the BJP exerting complete and total control not only on the institutions of governance but also the political articulation of outstanding issues.

Meanwhile, Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu said that the Centre was ready to discuss the issue of intolerance in the ongoing session of Parliament if the Opposition allows the House to function. Naidu also alleged that opposition parties and some “pseudo-intellectuals” are “exaggerating” stray incidents that happened in states being “ruled by the Congress and their friends” with an aim to “tarnish” India’s image amid efforts to secure a permanent seat in the UN Security Council. The bottom line here is that, the crucial time of parliament is wasted on unwanted issues and people are suffering in the end.

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