Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Trump vows to wipe out terrorism

The 100 days of the Trump administration have shown a positive trend for the Indo—US relationship. It is nice that he presented himself as the leader of a populist uprising to restore lost greatness. Trump has rightly vowed to wipe out Islamic terrorism from the face of earth. It is an imperative to understand the terrorists’ operational environment and know their modus operandi and targeting patterns. There must be concerted efforts to gather intelligence from places where terrorists conceal themselves and seek to establish and hide their infrastructure. Terrorists do not live on trees; only desperate people resort to terrorism and it has no race, religion or any special culture. Both India & Pakistan should be pro-active and should take some strict actions before we lose more lives.

Terrorism is strongly condemned in all its forms and manifestations and stressed that there can be no justification whatsoever for any acts of terror. Terrorism of course is a major problem which is agitating every one of us. It is the greatest challenge for world society as the act is not only causing human suffering but also impeding peace & development. The rise of Donald Trump comes as a surprise to not only a large chunk of Americans but also to the world. Let us hope Trump who is aggressive, assertive an authoritative and  who had been criticized by opponents for rhetoric characterized as divisive and racist will prove to be a strong ally in India’s efforts to curb terrorism. Good relations are excellent politically and diplomatically. India, as nation should continue to work hard to stand on its own against all odds.

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