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U.N. decision in line with our position

Another feather in the cap of Prime Minister Narendra Modi but for whose tireless diplomatic efforts ably assisted by his team in the Indian government this would not have been possible. This news may not bring happiness to the Congress, not because Masood Azhar was designated as a global terrorist but because it has come in the midst of the general election when Congress is battling for its survival. India should be watchful of China which had to change its mind after stonewalling the efforts of the UNSC to brand Masood Azhar as a global terrorist.

Now Hafiz Saeed’s turn to be designated a terrorist. The Pakistani Army trains these so-called terrorists in Abbottabad. That is where it hid Al Qaeda leaders who attacked America. The Navy Seals will be coming for Hafiz Saeed shortly. In the Mumbai attack 10 years ago, many American and Israeli citizens were also killed.

This is real-politic at work. All those in India who support a policy of acquiescing to China should note that even Chinese imperialism can be pushed back by sustained pressure and support from other quarters of the world. India should continue pushing hard against attempts by Pakistan and China to use terrorism for advancing state policy.

Great news, something the Indian government has been striving for relentlessly. The onus is on Pakistan to send him for trial at the ICC. The UN should push heavily for this. Let India remain complacent by this move. What should have been done years ago, has come just now. One doesn’t know what this scoundrel has done in all the time he and his protectors have done to carry on with his/their nefarious activities.

This is a big diplomatic win for PM Modi and BJP. They should win more than 400 seats now in these elections. If Congress could blame the Prime Minister for not getting Masood Azhar designated as a global terrorist now it should give him the credit when he is designated as one. PM Modi is the best Prime Minister ever in India as he maintains good foreign relationship and goes a long way in bringing out the best.

This is a huge victory for India and PM Modi’s relentless pursuit against terrorism! I am sure every Indian will salute the efforts taken to achieve this goal.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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