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Uber suspends driver for allegedly molesting woman passenger

Taxi service Uber has suspended a driver in Mumbai after complaints that he allegedly molested a foreign woman who hired his cab on Wednesday night.

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A friend of the alleged victim, in a Facebook post explained the shameful incident. The post read by Viola Wadia read, “He spoke to her in a friendly manner when she first got in and asked her where she was from and made small talk. Later, he said that since the roads in Mumbai are horrible she was welcome to come sit in the passenger seat up front with him. Unfortunately we were proved wrong because this Uber driver tried to molest her on their way to Versova.”

“When she refused to move he complained about low visibility through his back screen and told her he was going to pull over to clean it. She was very uncomfortable but allowed him to stop to clean the screen. She was surprised when he came to the back seat under the pretext of cleaning the window from the inside and proceeded to put his hand on her thigh and tried to feel her up,” said the friend’s Facebook post where she talks about the incident.

The driver moved off the passenger when she shouted at him and went back to his seat, Wadia alleged, adding her friend managed to “jump off and get home safely.”

On Friday, she mentioned in a comment on her post that Uber suspended the driver permanently and reported him to the Mumbai Drivers Association.

Uber also issued a statement stating that the driver has been suspended and all details related to the trip and the driver were shared with the relevant authorities for official investigation.

Wadia shared a screenshot of the Uber app along with her post, revealing the name of the driver – Shehbaaz.

Last year, an Uber cab driver, identified as Shiv Kumar Yadav, was sentenced to life imprisonment till his natural death for raping a woman executive in his taxi in Delhi in.

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