Urban maoists misguiding protesting farmers: Poonam Mahajan


BJP MP Poonam Mahajan said farmers and tribals protesting in Maharashtra were being misguided by “urban Maoists”. The MP from Mumbai North Central said it was the responsibility of the BJP-led Maharashtra government to sit with the protesters, who were being “captured” by Maoists, to solve their problems.” Sadly, tribals have been captured by the Maoists and their centre is in Pune. The government can do a lot for them, but the (Maoists’) ideology is stopping them. We have seen urban Maoists in many cities of India. They go to districts which are called Maoists affected areas,” Mahajan told reporters outside Parliament.” Maoists are misguiding them (the farmers).

“It is the responsibility of the Maharashtra government to sit with the farmers and sort out the problem,” she said.