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US unclear of its Middle East policy, unable to counter China’s clout

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United States has no strategy for rebooting its relationship with the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia, and stopping the spread of Chinese money, influence, and critical military might in the region, media reports said. US faces a rising China in the Middle East region.

During the time of Obama-Biden years, Washington failed to confront Beijing which is now offering an alternative to the United States in the Middle East region. Beijing sees US President Joe Biden as another symbol of America’s overall decline and with this China sees a huge opportunity to pounce.

China is already the biggest buyer of Saudi oil and wants nothing more than to displace us in the region in every possible way. The Chinese military already has a naval base close by in Djibouti and wants to start placing assets in the region to ensure oil flows are uninterrupted.

 US’ relationship with Saudi Arabia took a hit when the US lifted sanctions from Iran for its nuclear program however, former President Donald Trump reimposed the sanctions. And now the US is again negotiating with Iran which only suggests that US foreign policy is everything confused.

All of this might seem like the US is heading towards the normalization of ties with Riyadh. But it’s a long road ahead.

The latest trip of US President Joe Biden to Jeddah has done nothing to repair the relationship with the Saudis. It’s questionable that the US can further its own national interests and ascend its global stature.

As the US turns away from Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, China has clearly moved in. The trip kicked off with the farcical fist bump with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, reported New York Post. Saudis, who, like many Mideast allies, feel abandoned by the United States.

From running out of Afghanistan to empowering Iran to build a nuclear weapon, Biden has smashed to bits America’s credibility in this still vital part of the world. The Saudis are not perfect allies however it is immensely important to cultivate relationships that are in Washington’s best interest. Iran’s leaders are chanting “death to America.”

And on the other hand, the US must not forget to keep Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait as a counterweight. Moreover, the US must also protect its most staunch ally, Israel. Abraham Accords, which the US-brokered between the Arab world and Israel are so important.

The Trump Administration strengthened the relationship between Israel and the Arab world. But when Biden took office, he said publicly that he wanted nothing to do with it all. His not-so-excellent adventure only showcases to the world how weak America has become under his leadership.

Biden will be forced in private to beg and grovel for Saudi oil. Looking at the political angle of this, it seems that Biden is more afraid of the progressive wing of his party and their so-called green agenda than enriching not just Saudi Arabia but the other Gulf States as well.

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