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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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USCIRF not interested in discharging its mandate

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USCIRF on India CAA, caa protests, citizenship amendment aqt, caa bill, uscirf, amit shah, india caa bill, People across the world are surprised that despite the USA claiming to be the leader of free-world, why many of the Muslim folk are weeping and bleeding profusely from Myanmar to Kashmir-AF-PAK to NAME region?
It’s answer lies in the simple fact that the institution like USCIRF (responsible for monitoring  the universal right to freedom of religion or belief across the world and for making policy recommendations to the President, Secretary of State and Congress) is simply not interested in discharging its mandate [may be due to prejudices of Christian society (like Christian majority USA) against Muslims from the days of Crusades].

The biggest dereliction of the USCIRF in this matter is about the Israel-Palestine issue (the cause of immense bloodshed and loss of lives across the world) where the secular USA has supported the theocratic Israel in forcefully driving out majority of Palestinians from their native land and now by illegally and absurdly advocating two State solutions.  But the USCIRF is keeping mum.

Recently the USCIRF has issued a press release objecting the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB) in India which was passed by the Lok Sabha on December 9 because CAB enshrines a pathway to citizenship for immigrants that specifically excludes Muslims setting a legal criterion for citizenship based on religion. But this lament on the part of USCIRF will be ineffective and meaningless because the sanctions envisaged by USCIRF against the Home Minister Amit Shah etc. are a meaningless formality in view of earlier sanctions against  the then CM (presently PM) Modi after the 2002 Gujarat communal riots (in which thousands of innocent Muslims lost their lives, blood, properties and honour).

Talking about CAB, God only knows whether or not the USCIRF understands the gravity and complications of the situation. The USCIRF ought to know that about 80 million people & their children (20  per cent Hindu population of Pakistan and Bangladesh) who came to India after partition in 1947 are still legally either asylum seekers or refugees because there is no provision of population transfer (on the basis of religion) in ‘Indian Independence Act’. Rather India should have asked (under military pressure, if necessary) the West & East Pakistan to take these people back and for their rehabilitation after restoring their evacuee properties and properties sold under distress. The USCIRF further ought to know that when in the USA (despite 14th Amendment to US Constitution which grants birth right citizenship whereas similar Constitutional provisions does not exist in constitutionally-secular India) there is still a raging controversy about giving citizenship (or any other legal status) to millions of illegal-immigrants in the USA, then how can India allow legal status to said asylum seekers / refugees of 1947 on the basis of religion. Moreover, any communal law against secular-constitution is null and void.

Now another matter of India has acquired urgency for the USCIRF because the Supreme Court of India (SCI) has dismissed the review petitions in the Babri-Masjid case.

This matter was brought to the notice of the USCIRF on December 10 (by sending said article to USCIRF) in which it is stated that the Indian Muslims are not filing proper review petition in SCI out of fear. The Indian Muslims generally complain that the Hindutva forces inflicted ‘Shahadat’ (Martyrdom) of Babri-Masjid when it was demolished by them on December 6, 1992 but these naïve Indian Muslims do not understand that legally it is being martyred by the SCI which is not restoring the status-quo ante of Babri-Masjid before any court verdict (including in said Review) on Ayodhya-dispute as has been explained.

In such a situation, the USCIRF is supposed to ensure intervention in the proceedings of ‘Curative Petition’ by Muslims about Babri-Masjid (by NHRC under section 12 (b) of ‘The Protection of Human Rights Act of India’ through UNHRC or otherwise). The USCIRF ought to understand that nowhere in the world a mosque has been demolished by the vandals of the majority community and at the same time, the Supreme Court of such country has given the demolished masjid site to the same vandals through the Court order (which is nothing short of a fraud on the Secular Constitution & rule-of-law) and which has a potential of arousing indignation and rage among Muslims not merely in India but across the world.

The USCIFR (given its unsavory past record) is not likely to ensure the said intervention in the proceedings of Curative Petition by Muslims in SCI. Therefore, the Muslims and others (committed to religious freedom and Secularism) of the USA should be prepared to move the USCIRF (including by demonstrations as per law, if necessary, near the office of USCIRF) in order to legally constrain the USCIRF to fulfill its mandate of ensuring universal right to freedom of religion or belief across the world starting for the Muslims in Hindu majority India.

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