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Violence is not the answer

What do you when you’re angry? How do you react to your opponent’s gesture? By breaking glasses or hurling stones? Answer is no but this is what happened in a distant suburb near Mumbai city. There was public outrage due to some breakdown of railway services at Diva station. Commuters pelted stones at the motorman’s cabin (injuring them). They broke windows of the rakes and also caused enough damage to the railway property and on roads as well. This is how people react when they are frustrated, the news pertaining to Central railway passenger’s ire has been reported by the media but I just put forth one question – why do you need to get violent and act so stupid by causing harm to public and private property?

Getting violent is not the solution to any problem in life. When a particular crowd is upset over certain issue and they find no way out, then they tend to resort to violence to vent out their anger. But that’s certainly not right. I feel one won’t gain anything but it only causes damage to the national property. Your actions should have some logic, or else be prepared to be termed as stupid/idiot. Even Mahatma Gandhi was a follower of non-violence. He believed that through non-violence and peaceful ways you can achieve anything in this world. The violent behaviour sows the seeds of hatred and enmity. Instances of road rage happen very often because everyone is in a hurry to reach their destination and get provoked by the slightest altercation, resulting in violent fights. Why do people get hyper soon and turn violent? Is it because of city life and never-ending struggles? Does the daily bickering lead to a sudden eruption of emotions causing hurt and damage?

Unwanted problems and chaos will be avoided if public keep their mind calm and cool as cucumber. Well some do have a short/hot temper but unnecessarily get into minor arguments with each other and spoil the mood (I am sure most of us might have experienced this, for example travelling in the Mumbai locals during rush hours and so on.)

It also happens that usually an individual or group will take up violent methods in order to achieve their motives. Initially, they will put forth their demands in a peaceful manner but when the opposite party doesn’t approve of it, they resort to violence as it threatens the concerned party and they give in. Violence has done no good to anyone till today in this world, infact it leaves the person with traumatic experiences/memories that then require medical help. So all I want to say is that, LET THERE BE PEACE everywhere; and no fights or war as we have to think about the future generations. Do you want them to live in a world where there’s hatred, crime and bloodshed? Or in a world of peace and love. You got to decide now before it’s too late as the worst regret a person can have is ‘why didn’t I do it at that time?’

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