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Vir Das blamed by his residential society for delaying building repairs

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We all know as to what are the problems that one faces when it comes to housing in Mumbai. Be it the common man or a celebrity, the housing woes has never spared anyone. The latest celebrity to be facing the music is none other than the stand-up comedian turned actor Vir Das, who defied his housing society in Pali Hill’s Neptune building by holding up his house’s repair job reasoning that he was out of town. While he managed to delay it once before, the second time when he tried to hold down the renovation, Vir was instantly asked to pack up and leave if he couldn’t cooperate with the society.

Vir Das-AVNews reports state that because of the fact that the seven storey building was in bad shape, the society’s members decided to revamp the building before the monsoon sets in. Speaking about the issue, Dr. Amitav Shukla (Chairman of the society) said that Vir Das had gone out for six weeks and that the workers were not allowed to enter his apartment. And when they tried to tell him the issue over phone and email, he postponed the repairs (for six weeks) stating that his wife was alone in the house.

Reports state that while a chunk of work had to be carried out at Vir Das’ four-bedroom rental flat, because some time back, a part of his balcony had crashed down on the balcony of producer Ramesh Talwar, who stays on the third floor.

Vir Das, on his part, said that the latter has been resolved cordially, but, also added that it was essential for the tenants in this city to emphasize their rights. He explained that since he was shooting and touring abroad, he had asked the society to wait for him so that he could be there personally to supervise the proceedings. Reports also stated that Vir had also offered to cover the costs because of the delay.

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