Thursday, January 20, 2022
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Vote for clean candidates

Narendra Modi had spoken about increasing milk production in UP and this is praise worthy. He has also laid emphasis on making sugar mills economically viable for becoming productive again. Farmers should be happily cultivating sugar cane, the mills must run efficiently and the sugar should come to the market. Another ‘Amul’ should be established in UP so that it becomes self-reliant in milk production. Milk is very good for the young and the old and goat milk is beneficial for those who cannot digest cow or buffalo milk.

We must promote agriculture, milk production, horticulture and tree plantation. All governments must take initiative in this regard without waiting for Modi to become PM. We do not know what the Planning Commission does; they must put this agenda on the forefront. What is the use of wasting money on holding big rallies? Money must be saved for enhancing the production of electric power. We must collaborate with foreign experts to erect off shore wind farms and to make solar energy more affordable.

We have 13 major ports and the Port trusts must act to open stalls within port limits. It will enable seafarers to purchase milk products, Ayurvedic common medicines at reasonable prices, with quality assurance for business development and to cater to the seamen’s health. A few years back, my Phillipino third engineer used to cough a lot. He bought a popular Ayurvedic medicine jar and his health improved within a month. Due to short port stays many times one cannot go ashore therefore, availability of quality medicines close on the jetty will beneficial for improving health. The same aspect is applicable to major railway stations. Some stations in MP are already selling good quality milk, “chaas” , “ lassi” and curd instead of fried food items. Look at Arvind Kejriwal, he is only 45 and does not have robust health like our jawans. Narendra Modi appears much more healthy as compared to Kejriwal.

Our DG Shipping office excels in arbitrary prescriptions and issues medical certificate for those officials above 65 years of age for working as a faculty in colleges. They do not know that there are many who have passed this age but can easily pass any medical test. The “Janata” has become very dissatisfied because of such draconian rules framed arbitrarily hence they vent their frustration against the government. These days the situation has changed so much that anyone can defeat a Congress candidate and hence people are coming forward to join AAP. AAP is not the ultimate answer for good governance. It is necessary to choose experienced and clean candidates to govern us. The courage of Salman Khan needs to be appreciated. You must never be afraid to call a spade a spade, but solemnly and in a disciplined way. May our Republic flourish.

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