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Vote in the name of Jawan but not for Jawan?

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Somewhere we are living with double standards. Our PM was asking all these for votes in the name of jawans and when a real jawan challenged him in his constituency his nomination was rejected in Varanasi. Tej Bahadur Yadav, who was fielded as Mahagathbandhan candidate from Varanasi, called Modi fake chowkidar and said, “I am being blocked from fighting elections as the nakli chowkidar (fake watchman) of the country is afraid of the asli (real) chowkidar. Now the question is whether a dismissed BSF jawan or any other person for that matter dismissed from Government Service is eligible to contest in the election or not? This is how Indian electoral system has been made a laughing stock by all earlier governments; there were no basic changes based on bad experiences. Even the enhanced security deposit has not curtailed the menace of non-serious independent candidates funded by politicians, and non-registered parties.

When Sadhvi’s nomination was accepted despite issues, stating the Returning officer has no control over some Acts. Let it be Tej Bahadur, Rahul Gandhi or Pragya Singh Thakur the Election Commission of India (EC) was very much a parasite. Now in Tej Bahadur’s case it allowed two nominations knowing the fact later on that they can invalidate one. Once Jaya could not contest as all her 3 nominations in 3 places (third one filed in haste in third city) were rejected without scrutiny of contents. Tej Bahadur Singh, the sincere, dedicated and honest jawan of BSF has been dismissed with just aim, to spread the message to all jawans in the BSF that, ‘whoever tries to expose corrupt BSF officers will either be dismissed/fired or killed in fake encounters. The former Director General of BSF E.N. Ram Mohan openly gave a statement before the camera after the terror attacks at IAF base, Pathankot that corruption in the BSF is rampant especially in the higher ranks. Corruption can only be possible in the higher ranks of the BSF. The lower ranks don’t have any kind of power especially, financial powers. The higher ups of the BSF are the most corrupt. The higher up means ranks starting from the DG or the Director General and downward – IG or Inspectors Generals, DIG or Dy Inspectors General and Commandants. These five ranks are the competent or flag ranks of the BSF who are the top brass and most corrupt.

Now come to the case of soldier Tej Bahadur Yadav, he has provided impeccable evidence and proof that food is sub-standard that is provided in the jawans’ Mess. The biggest joke of the era is not even one BSF Officer (corrupt BSF Officer) was found guilty or convicted for providing sub-standard food to jawans of the BSF. But, instead this sincere and honest jawan has been dismissed on lame grounds like owning 2 mobile phone devices when the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) say that the jawans should not own more than one mobile device in operational areas like Kashmir valley. I remember even the names of corrupt BSF officers who I have seen taking and demanding bribe or to put in clear exact words, their share out of the smuggling profits. Commandant Amarjit Singh Sodhi of 54 Battalion, Assistant Commandant M.L. Arora, Deputy Commandant Mohinder Singh, Second-in-Command Wazir Chand and the list is really unending. All of them had directly indulged in smuggling and they openly mingled with smugglers at Bangladesh borders and made millions of rupees not by demanding bribe but by taking their share of money. Everything is open and this is a straight case of being a traitor to the country and the biggest offence that anyone can commit. But, these officers are all happily retired and are now enjoying their black money and also a wonderful time pension from the Government. Does this not sound like highly ridiculous?

It happens only in India. But, the sincere, honest and dedicated jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav got dismissed and the only reason behind this is to spread a message to everyone in the BSF and all other services/forces that anyone who tries to expose corrupt BSF officers will be dealt in the same way as Tej Bahadur. Looking at his credible efforts, the EC should come out with the answer in keeping with the Representation of Peoples Act; inter alia, other legal aspects. Earlier, Tej Bahadur Yadav alleged that the BJP was creating “roadblocks” in his nomination process to “prevent” him from contesting elections against Modi as they fear Modi will lose the election.

If there were any issues with the nominations, why wasn’t he informed earlier? Yadav’s counsel said that they would approach the Supreme Court over the rejection of his client’s nomination. Yadav was asked by the authorities to submit NOC (No-Objection Certificate) from the BSF as to on what grounds he was dismissed from the service. Predictors believe that the rejection of Tej Bahadur Yadav’s nomination will further consolidate Yadavs in favour of Mahagathbandhan as it is being perceived as an act of humiliation, unleashed to hurt their caste pride. Yadavs who form nearly 10% of the total population of the state will decisively vote against BJP, said an analyst. It is being viewed that the rejection of Tej Bahadur’s nomination will have a repercussion among younger Yadav voters who were drawn towards Modi and the BJP.

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