Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Wake up call

Politics is a tricky wicket, where the ball spins squarely on both the sides and it is up to the capability of the batsman to tackle the situation. Just like that the ups and downs in fortunes in politics is to be tackled in a clever way. Coalition government in the Indian political scene had a bad track record so far. At present, the united opposition derails the ruling BJP in by-polls and that is news. Fourteen by-polls and one message is a clear indication for the ruling party to make up the lost time and make amends as early as possible and repair the damages. Still, there is sufficient time to make up lotus to bloom again.

Landslide victories are ruled out as no party is having a firm grip on voters. Anyway, it is time to wake up and play a positive role in main issues concerning the people. Oil price rise connected to the rise in prices of various commodities is to be controlled to make a forceful comeback. Public memory is short and so it plays a pivotal role and brings back the lost glory. NDA ministers should be asked to quit the post and go to the grassroot level to address the problems of people in a swift action. It is also time to take the coalition partners like AIADMK into confidence and offer them ministerial posts. Shiv Sena was taught a lesson for showing over enthusiasm and it is time to show the opposition where the ruling party stands in the turnaround in the Indian political scene.

The by-poll results are a major setback for the BJP. The continued poor performance of the BJP, particularly in UP, sends strong signals. The Congress, on the other hand, has improved considerably in these by-elections. The polls in the four states later this year are certain to be tough for the BJP. Whenever the opposition parties united, there is a problem to the ruling party. Basic issue before the ruling party at the centre is to look into the ground realities, to keep the promises made and to lower the present price rise of petrol and diesel.

From the by-poll results, it is now becoming clear that BJP is slowly losing people’s support. Modi should break his silence on various issues concerning the country. Prime Minister Modi has to act more prudent and his actions should be timely. In 2019 elections BJP may not enjoy as much majority as they are having today. In UP Amit Shah is sure of getting all seats in 2019. But the trend shows otherwise. Whatever our country requires is a healthy opposition for the ruling Party. Can we have it- possibly yes! Let us wait and see whether good days are going to come or not for the Indian citizen.

Nickhil Krishnan

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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