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Friday, March 1, 2024
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We want a corruption free Mira-Bhayander

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Shiv Sena MLA Pratap Sarnaik is overseeing the campaigning activities for the upcoming Mira-Bhayander Municipal Corporation (MBMC) election. He started his career with Nationalist Congress Party (NCP). In 2008 he quit the party to join Shiv Sena. Sarnaik has worked hard and had taken an initiative to break the monopoly of Congress-NCP in Mira-Bhayander. According to him, Shiv Sena is a party which takes all people together irrespective of their language and cultural background. Our correspondent Gautam Korde spoke to Pratap Sarnaik who is keen to follow the Thane development model for the progress of Mira-Bhayander.

What is the importance of Mira-Bhayander election for your party?

Mira-Bhayander election holds great significance for us as we are focussed on the suburb’s development and following Thane’s developmental model. People are associated with our party. Since last few years BJP leaders have looted Mira-Bhayander hence we want to teach them a lesson by contesting election against them. We want a corruption free Mira-Bhayander.

What developmental work will you undertake in Mira-Bhayander?

There is lack of big playgrounds, gardens, hospitals, sports complex, stadium and swimming pools in Mira-Bhayander. Most of the hospitals are run by private institutions and there is shortage of civic run hospitals. There is lack of employment opportunities for women.

Is BJP following caste based politics?

BJP leaders have divided people on the basis of caste, religion in Mira- Bhayander. Local politicians are giving importance to caste based politics and we have to break this trend. They are running the civic body like a private limited company. There is large number of people belonging to Jains, Hindus, Muslim, Christian, Gujarati and Marwadi community in Mira-Bhayander. Shiv Sena is the party which takes everyone together.

What is your take on corruption allegations made against local BJP MLA Narendra Mehta?

Narendra Mehta is a corrupt politician. I have been serving as a MLA since last eight years but there is no allegation of corruption against me. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis will hold a rally in Mira-Bhayander. BJP is relying on corrupt leader to contest Mira-Bhayander civic body election which is unfair.

Will you raise your voice against Narendra Mehta in legislative assembly?

Bacchu Kadu has already raised his voice against Mehta in assembly and I too will do the same. Residents of Mira-Bhayander people are unhappy with BJP’s style of functioning.

How many seats will Shiv Sena win in Mira-Bhayander civic body election?

Our candidates are interacting with people to know about the problems faced by them. People have huge expectations from the party. Shiv Sena has always remained on the forefront to raise various issues that are affecting the common man. NCP ex MLA Gilbert Mendonca too has come forward to support Sena which will further strengthen the party.

Will you seek support from BJP in future?

Uddhav Thackeray will take a decision in this regard. Residents of Mira- Bhayander are already fed up with BJP and hence they want a change.

Shiv Sena leaders are unhappy with the ticket distribution policy of the party. What is your take on it?

Leaders should come forward and meet me and I will try to resolve their problems. We have to take bold decisions in the interest of the party. We have to issue tickets to new candidates to take the party forward.

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