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‘We should teach people how to accept criticism’

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Sri-Sri-Ravi-ShankarSri Sri Ravi Shankar had organised a chanting effort ‘We Chant with Sri Sri; at BKC grounds in the city. According to him spirituality and music together can uplift people, get them out of depression and help them start a new life with enthusiasm.  Our correspondent Akshay Redij spoke to Sri Sri Ravishankar who spoke about religious belief, politics and godmen.

Today’s youth is seen suffering from lot of depression or they are attracted towards extremist elements and groups. What do you have to say or do you have any special programme for them?

They are going away from the roots and lack family values. Youth are spending more time on computer and internet instead they should socialise and interact with friends.

Do you justify the PK film or do you support the protest against the movie? Don’t you think it’s an attack on freedom of speech or expression by always targeting films which are based on some religion?

See what differentiates us from other world is that we are allowed to say and do what we feel. Freedom of speech has always been valued in our country and I believe this should not be harmed. We should teach people how to accept criticism, so there should be a balance between both.

You have been a part of many campaigns and movements like Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal. Delhi elections are approaching. Do you think Arvind Kejriwal committed a mistake by quitting the chief minister’s post? What are his prospects in the coming elections?

People will decide about this. There are three categories President, Journalist and Religious Gurus, we cannot support any political party. But yes, he committed a mistake. People had given a responsibility to him and he was supposed to fulfill it.

Do you feel films like PK will create a different mindset among youngsters, and they will have a different view point towards every religious guru?

Yes of course, this will change their mindset. Doubts will arise in his mind whether he should be visiting a temple. Will he develop hatred towards every godman. But I believe people of India have sound judgement and will take a right decision.

Akshay Redij

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