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Wellness secrets during summer season

The country is facing a hot and humid summer and this condition is not good for health. People would like to stay indoors as the outside heat is unbearable. However, people staying back home also face the hot conditions as there are power cuts in some of the areas on a regular basis. It is better to fit an inverter in your flat to overcome power shortage during summer season. Curd is great as it is cooling, contains proteins in the pre-digested form. It does have B-complex vitamins and contains bio-available calcium. Phosphorus and magnesium are beneficial during the summer season to withstand the heat. Summers are generally associated with heat, humidity and loss of appetite.

People tend to drink more water and they eat light food which is easily digestible. The best way to beat the heat is to keep you cool all the time. Watermelon will provide you the water required for your body during this time of the year.  Seasonal fruits such as sweet lime, guavas, melons and cucumbers help offset excess body salt. Along with food we can take sprouts, salads, curd rice, whole grain sandwiches with watery fruits which provide all the Vitamin C and the B-complex vitamins that are required to build resistance power against colds and fever that are very common during summer season.

Drink a glass of milk if you happen to taste mangoes and boils appear on the body during the summer season, but avoiding eating mangoes. Skin rashes, irritations and headaches can be avoided by opting for summer friendly food. While driving and when you go for an outing it is better to keep car’s A/C on for sometime before starting your journey.  The tiring heat requires more consumption of water.  If you follow all this basic rules during the summer season then you can make sure that there is no impact of summer heat as such.

Summer season has set in and several cities are sweltering in the heat wave during the month of April. Rich people can enjoy the comfort of A/C in their homes and in their car while travelling whereas middle-class and lower middle class go for taking frequent bath and take fruit juices to beat the heat. Fortunately, Mumbai has sufficient water supply. So far, we have not felt the shortage of power and water. It is better to take precautions while travelling out in hot sun. By keeping the windows open we can get fresh air instead of keeping it closed all the time. Cold water bath before going to sleep will give you a sigh of relieve instead of using A/C to reduce the room heat. Air cooler in this part of the country will not provide much solace from the sweltering heat.

Summer is very much enervating and people die of sun stroke during hot summer season. This time round the year the mercury is touching 40 degree centigrade and people in Mumbai face heat waves. If cold water is poured into your head, the heating of the body comes down drastically.

Tender coconut is preferred mostly. Orange and Mosambi juices are also a good alternative. Instead of taking ice creams, water based items are good for the health. While travelling it is better to have a bottle of water with you. One requires at least eight glasses of water during ordinary days. During summer you can increase it to 12 to 15 glasses of water. Lime juice with salt and little sugar is preferred for dehydration. Health is wealth and one has to keep fit even during hot and humid summer season as well.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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