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What category of slavery you belong to?

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Seeing the cultural and political situation of India, the examples of two people come to my mind right now which put the question in front you and ask ‘what category of slavery you belong to?’ At the same time, both these examples also point to the fact that those who consider themselves as the representatives of the society, do they really represent the society or just pretend to be so.

The first example of Malcolm X, who was an American Muslim minister and human rights activist who was a popular figure during the civil rights movement in America said there were two types of slaves when slavery was there in America. On one hand, there was outsider group of slaves who were living in the field. They had to work 15 to 16 hours every day in the heat or cold. These slaves had no clothes, no shelter, no food and they would die of heat in summer, of cold in winter and by hunger they were always dying on a regular basis.

On the other hand, there was second group of slaves who were working inside the house. They had shelter to save themselves from heat and cold, they had used-clothes of their owner to wear, remaining food to eat. Both of these people were slaves, but if these two are compared then the slaves who were working inside the house were living somewhere a better life than the slaves working outside.

Whenever there was a fire inside the house, the outsider slaves would come running to the slaves who were working inside the house and told them to run away from there. But the slaves who were working inside the house would catch and tied to outsider slaves and told them to stop the fire of house and then start doing their work as usual.

In short, the slaves working inside the house never helped any of the slaves working outside and why should they help them or run away with them when they were already living a comfortable life?

The second example is of P. Sainath is an Indian journalist who is specialized in social and economic inequality, rural affairs, poverty and consequences of globalization in India said that there was a time when there was starvation, poverty, famine, unemployment, oppression and problem in every nook and corner of Rome. Farmers and common people were dying but there was no one to see their plight and remove the crisis.

After some time, Nero – one of the cruel kings of Rome realized that the problem of Rome has now increased from the poor and farmer to the working class. People have started looking into the problems and discussion was going on between people. However, to distract the focus of people from crisis, Nero organised a very big party which is considered as the biggest party in the history of Rome. In this party, he invited all the businessmen, traders, money lenders, royals, and middle class to elite class to have a good time and enjoy the wine, whiskey and night full of music and dance.

On one side, the entire Rome was burning, people were dying and on the other side these people were enjoying and celebrating the party which went on for many days. After some days, the firewood was finished and the night became dark as no firewood was left to fire and create light for the night. Everyone present there thought for a moment that how would they bright the area and enjoy the party in the dark.

After thinking for a while Nero and his men brought the social and political activists (who were fighting for the right of farmers and common citizen) banded them on pillars and blazed. Fire got created from their body, area became lit and they again started celebrating party.

Through this historical facts, P. Sainath asks a very good question that if we leave Nero for a moment that who Nero was, why was he is doing all this, then the question arises are, who were the guests of Nero, what were those people doing in that party when their country Rome was burning, when their people were starving and dying of hunger and thirst, why were they there in that party and what were they doing there?

How can you party when your country is burning, when your people are dying, how can you sit down comfortably, how can you leave the country and its people and talk about mango and guava, how can you become so senseless and emotionless, how can you become the guest of Nero, how can you celebrate with him, and if you are doing this destruction, this poverty, this pain and suffering of your countrymen then who are you?

You decide yourself that ‘what category of slavery you belong to and so does Akshay Kumar’? As far as Narendra Modi is concerned, he always likes to be treated like a king.

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