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“When I want to get married I’ll get married” – Salman Khan

On May 19, 2016, Sohail Khan abused media persons when he was asked to comment on brother Salman’s marriage. Sohail and father Salim Khan had exited from a restaurant when the reporters mobbed him to get his byte.

Salman Khan-AVSalman Khan on May 20 was asked to comment on this incident at the press conference of ‘IIFA Awards 2016′. And even before the query was completed, Salman jumped to his brothers’ defence. He said, “I don’t think he misbehaved. Just the other day, I was coming from the airport and one journalist put the mic on my friend’s face and he said, “What’s wrong with you idiot?” My dad is 80 years old. You can’t stick your mic on his face. What if he falls? Do this with us young people. Would you like it if I do this in front of you with your parents? So, have that respect. See, how you guys are standing in an organized manner right now. It’s so cool! Otherwise, you guys are competing with each other and in the process; no one is getting any bytes. Coming back to what Sohail did, he was concerned about my father at that point. He’s not abusing you – he’s just feeling shitty about the whole situation. If you guys had behaved yourself, that wouldn’t have happened. Don’t provoke – keep your distance. We’ll stand and talk. Who does not talk to you people? You guys were there at close to midnight. My brother and my father were having a nice dinner together. At 12 at midnight, you wanted to know whether I am getting married or not? And didn’t they stand there nicely?”

Still not satisfied, a reporter asked him if he’s indeed getting married to Romanian girl Iulia Vantur as reported by a section of media. Already not in a good mood, Salman retorted, “That’s my personal thing. I don’t even know your name, why should I tell you? When I want to get married, I will and I don’t need to tell you guys. I would tweet it. That way, I’ll keep it to me and my fans.”

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