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Women must take precautions while travelling alone

The existing laws on rape are very weak, which is why we have not been able to curb the numerous cases of sexual assaults on women which are occurring on a daily basis. Perhaps the most uncomfortable procedure in the investigation of such cases is the identification parade. In most of these cases the survivor finds it difficult to identify the accused after the horrible experience she had undergone. Therefore, the law should be such that it upholds the dignity of women while giving rapists the maximum punishment. Also, these cases should be tried by women judges only, as males may favour the accused. The men who commit such gruesome acts are frustrated human beings. Like terrorists, they too terrorise women and must be punished severely, by hanging to death. Strict laws like the ones existing in the Arabian Gulf countries should be introduced in India.

Rapists are like terrorists with a depraved mind. They have no religion. Why don’t they see their own mother or sister in the rape survivor? In a majority of cases, rape cases are covered up by the police, as the rapist has political clout or are known to powers that be.
Similarly, while travelling in an auto rickshaw or a taxi, we must be careful, especially if we are alone. We must also remain alert to the possibility of danger whenever the auto rickshaw driver or the taxi driver suddenly appears to be having an engine problem or tries to stop his vehicle in a deserted or isolated area. In such a situation, we should immediately get out of the vehicle and stand somewhere where we are visible to the passers-by.

We must not remain seated and glued to our seat in the auto rickshaw or the taxi. Also, we must always store an emergency contact number in our contact list in such a manner that it can be easily dialled when we face danger. Women and young girls are advised that if they happen to be travelling in even a slightly lonely area, they should make it a point to call at home or anybody they know, informing the other person on the line that they are travelling by an auto rickshaw or a taxi. They must also give the vehicle’s number to the person they are speaking to. It’s high time, men treat women with dignity.

Jubel D’Cruz

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