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Does Women’s Day have any significance?

March 8 is celebrated as International woman’s Day across the world but does such celebrations have any meaning in our country when rapes, molestation, cruelty against the fair sex are on the rise each passing year? Also, each day of the year should be woman’s day and just pampering her for a single day is ill-founded. Women have dual responsibilities of looking after household activities and earning livelihood for the family. Their efforts need to be recognized and respected. I salute each woman of this country and every citizen of this great nation should do likewise. The government too should make laws tougher for those who abuse women with strict penalization and jail term so that cruelty against the fair sex is reduced to bare minimum. India has a history of great women personalities who have done our country proud be it in the field of politics or sports from the likes of Indira Gandhi to Saina Nehwal. Let us all hope we have many more of their tribe and this can happen when we treat our women folks well.

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