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World should unite to fight terror

As the year 2015 comes to an end, we are shocked by the deadliest terror attacks this time in Paris where about eight terrorists attacked different locations and killed 129 innocent people. This was very similar to the Mumbai terror attacks which occurred few years ago.  It’s very sad indeed that the terror organisations and the terrorists have become so bold, cruel, to carry out dastardly attacks to kill hundreds of civilians, with methodical plan and sophisticated weapons and ammunitions.

The terror attacks force us all to think aloud on the remedial measures to be taken to prevent terrorism. Why can’t the superpowers join together for once and for all and smash ISIS and also the terror sponsoring nations? If this is done, can’t the world stop terrorism once for all and witness peace? How did this group become so notorious and big in just a couple of years? Where were they getting those ammunitions, weapons, vehicles from? Who or which are those countries supplying these deadly equipments and encouraging the terror groups? Overnight these terror groups have become stronger and rich in money and ammunitions too?
Very recently, France and other European countries gave asylum to thousands of refugees from some Muslim countries. And, this is what the host countries get in return. All the Muslim refugees should be sent back to their own or to other Muslim countries though I am certain that the refugees will not be willing to return as they know what awaits them there, nor will the Muslim countries be willing to accept them. Compassion shown to the wrong people will result in disaster. This is what is called biting the hand that feeds when will the world learn?

Islamists and Christians have been fighting each other for centuries. After the formation of Israel, Opec and control of Iran by Ayotollah things have been going from bad to worse. While terrorism in any form is completely unacceptable one has to wonder at the double standards of the West in soft pedalling terrorist issues in countries that serve their purpose. If all countries unite to fight terrorism irrespective of their political ideologies then definitely all terrorists can be eliminated. But will they join hands together?

Nobody knows how many terrorists entered France as immigrants! Had they checked these people at that time, the whole world would have erupted against France. This is the sad reality! Be totally like Russia.

It’s high time terrorism is wiped out from this earth. How long are we going to tolerate it? The mistake lies with the developed nations that sell arms. France attacks is a deadly lesson to all especially to the super powers and developed nations too who perhaps, are more interested to sell their arms, weapons and ammunitions not realizing that these equipments are falling into the hands of very dangerous groups which , in turn, plan only to attack the same developed and developing nations in the world.

Did you all notice the coverage of Paris terror attacks, on television? Did you see any dead body or blood or gory pictures of victims?  Did you hear any comments from opposition parties? For that matter any interview of any leader or politician? Did you see any media officials trying to put words into mouth of victims? Or short of forcing the mike into the mouth and asking ridiculously “How did this happen? Aapne kya dekha? Aapko kahan dard ho raha hai? It’s high time for our media to learn ethics and discipline whenever such tragic incidents occur. And the leaders should refrain from taking advantage of such tragic events and derive political mileage out of it.

Krishna Kumar

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