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Yogi Adityanath has silenced his critics

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is doing a good job in governing the state effectively, proving his critics wrong (they must be surprised). He is an educated man and I have learnt that he has also been a journalist. His straight forwardness and sincerity of purpose makes him a genuine person. Right or wrong, he says it and does it without any frills. After being sworn in as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogiji had asked his ministers to disclose the information pertaining to the properties held by them. He asked them to file a report every year prior to March 31 and warned them to keep a safe distance from contractors. He had asked police officials to take steps for shutting down slaughterhouses across the state. Yogiji also ordered for a blanket ban on smuggling of cows.

The officers used to be very lazy. If you feel over worked, you must tell him and he will let you have rest but don’t grumble silently. I have myself written to him to let the officers work for 10/12 hours and not more because they need to be with their family and unless they sleep about six hours a day, they may fall sick. Yogiji’s scheme for a sumptuous thali for ten rupees is very good. I have always maintained that in a country like ours, food should be cheap and within reach of the common man. Now I am also retired and will like to have a ten rupee worth of thali as God given prasad. I even go to the extent of calling it first step of “vikas”.

Adityanath had formed Anti-Romeo Squad to prevent harassment of boys and girls. He had asked officials to form such squads in 11 districts in the state to prevent sexual harassment cases. The Adityanath government had waived farm loans which is likely to benefit more than 2.15 lakh small and marginal farmers in the state. I am sure Yogiji will cater to all sections of the society without discrimination. He must seek assistance from Israel in developing our waste land and putting in use best irrigation practices. I have been there and I know how well they have developed agriculture and horticulture. Seeking foreign assistance in education, electric power distribution and water resource development must be sought without hesitation.

Good teachers must be hired but their welfare also should be kept in mind. Malnutrition is a big issue that needs to be addressed not in our worthless TV channels but on the ground. Adityanath expressed his opinion on triple talaq and said that politicians who were maintaining silence on the issue were equally responsible as those practising it. He also has prohibited the usage of red and blue beacons for cabinet ministers and officers in the state. The Uttar Pradesh government took a decision in this regard in the aftermath of Modi government’s initiative to ban red beacons for cabinet ministers. In an official communique, the officers and the cabinet minister have been informed about the decision. Thus BJP has taken a right step to eliminate the lal batti culture. However Army vehicles, ambulances, fire brigade and police vehicles will be exempt from this decision.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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