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Youths addicted to technology-Part I

In the highly competitive world students are striving hard for success. As the stakes are very high the younger generation vie for top honors and the social media is playing a pivotal role in making their dreams come true. So blaming the youngsters for their inclination to operate Internet, but at the same time they should not cross the limit and break the online laws. Whatever you mention in social media transmits faster and one should take proper care before posting messages in respect to sensitive matters. There is no question of doing it knowingly or unknowingly but make sure before you post controversial content on social media.

Misuse of password and hacking are part and parcel of the present day working. And number of cases is referred to Economic Offence Wing to get clarity and justice of such financial frauds taking place in the Banking Industry. In this context, young generation should mind it not to enter into such cyber-crimes and lose their credentials in the society just to make few thousand rupees. The greed may land them behind bars. As an active user of facebook, I take all the precautions to protect my decorum and not to be too controversial on subjects relating to sports, cinema or even politics. As a senior citizen, I take this opportunity to give proper feedback to my pals and train them how to go about the task of becoming a respected citizen of this country without any adverse record and to keep away from the ill effects of social media as well as cyber-crimes and lead a troubled life. It is a matter of convenience and that should not come in the way of cropping up fresh problems in a technology based society.

Increasing interest in Internet is very much intruding and the youngsters fall prey to the web world.  Even advertisements are screened showing a youngster sitting and operating his mobile and ear phone to frustrate the head of the family. To add to the woes even political parties are offering free Wi Fi to appease young voters to pin their faith on select party for winning elections with this favour. So the online culture is leading the children towards

The young generation sit late hours to browse through the net and gather good as well as bad information through their search and thus losing valuable sleep in the late night hours.  At times the evil mind indulges in cyber-crimes and the number of offence is on the increase as per Crime Records Bureau. This is a very bad precedence as we expect that the young generation is the future of our country. Due to prolonged usage of laptop and mobiles, the youngsters spoil their eyesight as well and make their lives miserable with black circle forming round their eyes.  It is indeed a matter of great concern and thus we as parents should desist the youngsters from falling prey to this habit and enable them to get rid of technology addiction.

(This is a first part of the article and the remaining part will continue tomorrow.)

C.K Subramaniam

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