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Youths addicted to technology – Part II

While driving or even travelling through trains and walking young boys and girls use the ear phone as they fail to hear the sound of the train or vehicle arriving. Thus the writing is on the wall it is better from overdoing anything will spell doom in the end. By applying to technology one should not fall victim of cyber-crime. One should remember that breaking the law online is an offence and punishable. The major flaw in the present system is the way youngsters are given freehand to move in isolation or in a group thereby the developing a bad character and that lead to all the troubles. The biggest problem is that technology has become such a large part of the way we live in that it has become virtually impossible to live without it.

The mind of the youngsters have become corrupt and they look for money to lead a better life style. They are unable to mingle with a group belonging to good background and fall into the trap of bad elements. Watching Bollywood films make them more aggressive as they tend to emulate the stunts performed by actors. Teenagers are not scared to commit rape in open as they are shameless in their acts and do not foresee the repercussions. Today’s children even kidnap their own brothers to achieve their aim of making easy money.

Teachers act as friend, philosopher and guide for the children. They should also try to inculcate good behaviour among children and ask them to follow discipline. Preventing the youngsters from the follies of social life is a difficult task. The mind should be developed in such a way to face any eventuality and the will to go on the right path. Youths have to face many obstacles. However it is up to the person to make a decent living instead of committing unwanted offences and thereby bringing insult to the family and the institution you study or work. Parental care is of utmost importance to guide them to achieve a religious frame of mind and that gives the additional protection when one encounter such ticklish situation. All are not born criminals. So the right approach and the right mix of friendship prevent you from becoming perpetrators of such heinous crimes. One should not get carried away by infatuation.

C.K. Subramaniam

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