Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Youths should say no to drugs

Drug addiction is the scourge of humanity and drug trafficking is a heinous crime. Those who are trafficking and helping such drugs menace to reach every corner of the country are committing a big crime. Most of the people fall prey to the narcotics sellers due to their ignorance. Millions of drug addicts, all over the world, are leading miserable lives, between life and death.The disintegration of the old joint family system, absence of parental love and care in modern families where both parents are working, decline of old religious and moral values etc lead to a rise in the number of drug addicts who take drugs to escape hard realities of life. It reveals the fact that Drug abuse not only affects individuals, their families and friends, but also takes a heavy toll on society at various levels. Adolescent drug abuse is one of the major areas of concern in young people’s behaviour. At the national level, drug abuse is intrinsically linked with racketeering, conspiracy, corruption, illegal money transfers, terrorism and violence threatening the very stability of governments. Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, attention deficiency, hyperactivity disorder and anti-social personality disorder were some of the prominent disorders found among drug abusers. Youths should say no to drugs for successful career and good health. The spread and entrenchment of drug abuse needs to be prevented, as the cost to the people, environment and economy will be colossal. Maintaining equilibrium of mind and body would make youths strong and powerful. On the Law and Order front, no doubt government has taken various steps but a tough posture against the drug traffickers is needed who are indulging in the illegal smuggling of drugs across the state by taking stern actions against these offenders.

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