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2-rupee beauty treatment for common skin problems!

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skin-problemsGood things do come in small packages! Limes – the green coloured citrus fruit found in abundance in India is full of vitamin C, citric acid, flavonoids and antioxidants which neutralise the action of free radicals in our body, increasing our immunity to fight against deadly diseases like cancer. Not just this, limes make an excellent home remedy to banish skin problems as well. Here’s how you can make packs using lime juice.

To lighten dark spots

Use lime juice to lighten dark spots on the skin. Apply on the area with a cotton ball and leave it for 30 minutes. Lime juice has bleaching properties which help lighten skin. Be sure to stay indoors and not expose your skin to direct sunlight after this remedy can make your skin sensitive to sunlight. Do apply sunscreen before you step out. Not just on face, you could even lighten dark underarms using this remedy.

Anti-pimple pack

Pimples or acne erupt without a warning especially in oily skin. In order to keep them at bay, regularly apply a pack of lime juice with honey. Honey has anti-bacterial properties while lime juice is acidic in nature which will control the oil. Use it every week as part of your skincare regimen. If your pimple’s gone but left a scar, simply massage some fresh lime juice on it to bleach your skin and reduce its appearance.

To remove tan

If too much sun exposure has left your skin tanned, you can make use of this tried-and-tested home-made pack. Mix some gram flour (besan) and curd (dahi) and add some lime juice to this paste. Apply it evenly on your skin and let it dry. Now, wash your face with water and pat dry. Do this weekly once for better results. You could also try some more home-made packs for tanned skin.

For glowing skin

If making a face pack takes too much of your time, simply make it a habit to have a glass of lukewarm water with some honey and freshly-squeezed lime juice in it. Drink this in the morning to start your day on a healthy note and get an inner glow in your skin.

To banish dandruff

If you’ve tried all anti-dandruff shampoos but still not got rid of it, it’s time to switch to this home remedy. Simply add some lime juice in water and use it as a last rinse when you wash your hair. Its acid will help rid your scalp of dandruff. You could also use lemons for skin problems like acne,
blackheads, etc.

Limes are green in colour and slightly smaller in size than lemons. They are available almost throughout the year in India. In order to make these packs, you could buy fresh limes and squeeze out their juice, or you could also opt for bottled lime juice available in most grocery stores.

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