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Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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2020 – Four months to go

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2020 Four Months to GoThe year is undoubtedly one of the most challenging years of our existence. Five months have passed since. However, you still have the remaining four months of 2020. You can choose to dwell on the past and feel sad or miserable or you can take stock and control of what the future holds for you.

The vaccine will come when it comes into the market. Till then here is what you can do to keep your chin up and look towards the horizon to make the biggest reset. No analogy could be better than nature. No matter how wild the fire or how harsh the storm, nature has a unique and unstinting resolve, to get back up. The same weather-torn landscape thrives and prospers within months and years. The lesson I take is that so do you and I.

1. Sift the beautiful pieces:

Look around you for 5 things, 5 people, 5 strengths and 5 learnings from the past that got you going. This is your carry forward capital. You may argue there isn’t much but take a piece of paper and write it down. If you are the many who reached 5+5+5+5 then you are, unarguably blessed. Pick the pieces to weave a stronger fabric of faith and joy in the coming months.

2. Essentialism:

The past five months may have taught you what you can and cannot live without. Now, is the time to declutter, detox, and square your debts. Lighten the physical and emotional load to invest in change. Place your finances under the microscope and rework your financial strategy. The goal does not change, the route might, with a restructured timeline perhaps. Every rupee saved adds to the corpus. Ask yourself, do you really need to order a takeaway, 3 times a week? How important is a fancy phone with features you barely use, anyway? The answers can centre the compass needle towards the direction of your victory.

3. Be decisive about growth:

The way things were aren’t going to remain the same. The terrain has shifted; paving the way for new opportunities. Make choices that strengthen you. Your key challenge will be to silence the doubts and uncertainties that prevent you from moving forward. Mindless webinars are not going to cut it. Use your time to hone that one skill that gets you on top of the game. If sales, is your weakness, have conversations with the best salesperson, and learn from them. If you are hunting for a job, begin networking with people who can support you in opening doors. If you are a spouse juggling work from home, work for home and home-schooling, ask for help instead of playing the martyr. Take decisions that lead you closer to your goal.

4. Self-care:

While you do whatever it takes to go through the next four months, make sure you do not compromise on You. You may feel caged and fettered in the past 156 days. Seek time to smell the roses, walk on the sand, potter in your balcony garden, or go for a jog with your pet. Pick one hobby which releases is a stressbuster and do more of it. Focus on sneaking joy into your life in tiny, myriad ways because your health is the most vital asset, now.

For all things take their course, eventually in the process of healing and revival.

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