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21 years after blast…
Still waiting for compensation

waiting-compensationEven though 21 years have passed ever since the serial bomb blasts rocked Mumbai but the memories of the incident are still fresh in the minds of the blast victim Kirti Ajmera (55) who is yet to receive a single penny as compensation from the government. After the bomb blast tragedy, the state government had announced to pay compensation for the blast victims. However, the tall claims made by the government remains on paper as Kirti Ajmera has to run from pillar to post for claiming the compensation amount.

The serial blast has made Ajmera’s life vulnerable, leaving him with useless arm and a body riddle with glass pieces leading to a hard full pain for him. He had spent more than 20 lakhs rupees for medical treatment.

Talking to AV Kirti Ajmera said, “I am disappointed with the lackadaisical attitude of the state government for failing to provide compensation to me. They only make announcements but fail to implement them. I had to bear the entire cost of my medical expenditure which is yet to be reimbursed by the government.”

Recollecting the promise made by Shiv Sena leader Manohar Joshi, Kirti Ajmera said, “I was relying on Manohar Joshi to bail me out of this crisis. He promised to offer assistance to me and also had forwarded a letter to the CM. However, he failed to fulfil the promises made by him. I had tried to contact Mr Joshi many times but he never met me.”

Ajmera also alleged that Murli Deora had betrayed him. He said, “I had worked for Murli Deora but when I used to contact him he used to say that he is politician from Delhi and it’s a local problem”.
Politicians like Sanjay Nirupam and Kripashankar Singh too had promised to help him but they backtracked.

He also addressed Sanjay Nirupam and Kripa Shankar Singh as useless politicians and said, “Both Sanjay Nirupam and Kripashankar Singh had assured me that my medical expenses will be reimbursed. However, they too failed to help me.”

Recollecting about incidents which unfolded on the day when bomb blasts occurred Ajmera said, “A bomb blast incident occurred just a few metres away while I was entering the Bombay stock Exchange. Later, I became unconscious and sustained injuries.”

Ajmera considers himself as a lucky person and said, “In an unconscious condition, I was rushed to GT Hospital in taxi. No beds were available there. A patient died while undergoing treatment as I was allotted that bed.”

Ajmera continues to experience unbearable pain even today. He said, “I have undergone more than 45 operations and several glass pieces exist inside my body. The right side of my face was smashed by a large piece of glass and burst my inner ear drum which was removed”.

“I have probably knocked the door of every MLA and MP but no one is willing to help me. I won’t relax until the government reimburses the 20 lakh amount incurred by me on my medical expenditure” added Ajmera.

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