Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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AI at it again

The guilty MP Ravindra Gaikwad should be punished with no favours or mercy. He has failed to abide by the laws.By banning him on flight; Air India made him travel by train or some media reports by car. Other airlines also supported the ban. He might try other methods and even may change his name and attire to travel by air in different disguise. He should pay price with Air travel ban for life. Showing indecency and beating the AI staff is an offense and needs to be punished. The party may bring privilege motion or try all tricks to force the Government to take back the ban but the civil aviation ministry should not show any soft corner and make the man suffer for all his follies. He should understand that the violence is not ultimate solution for getting things according to one’s wish all the time. As a serial offender, he should be made to suffer and AI taught him a lesson or two already.

C K Suresh

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