Allies in state
Opponents outside


mahayutiShiv Sena will have an alliance with BJP in Maharashtra but will compete against it in other states.

The ties between Shiv Sena and BJP have soured ever since its leader NitinGadkari met Maharashtra NavnirmanSenasupremo Raj Thackeray. Sena is upset with the secret poll pact between the BJP and MNS which has played spoilsport in the previous election by dividing Marathi votes. Sena will have an alliance with BJP in Maharashtra. However, the party will field their candidates against BJP in other states.

Sanjay Raut, Shiv Sena spokesperson said, “Shiv Sena will have an alliance with the BJP in Maharashtra and will contest against it in other states. Our party is ready to fight election from any state of India. We will strive to expand our party in other regions of the country. We will ensure that BJP suffers minimum collateral damage outside the state.”

Shiv Sena is likely to field its candidates from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Kerala, Punjab and Delhi. According to information provided by Sanjay Raut the party will contest five seats from Bihar and seven from Delhi.

Senior BJP leaders are contesting polls from Uttar Pradesh. BJP’s prime ministerial candidate NarendraModi will be contesting from Varanasi and its president Rajnath Singh will fight election from Lucknow. Shiv Sena will be fielding 20 candidates in Uttar Pradesh. UddhavThackeray and his son AdityaThackeray has said that the party will not field their candidates against NarendraModi and Rajnath Singh.

The MNS will be supporting BJP’s prime ministerial candidate NarendraModi without joining the NDA. It won’t field its candidates in those constituencies where BJP is contesting election.On the other hand, MNS will be directly giving a tough competition to Shiv Sena by fielding its candidates against Sena. Shiv Sena had urged the BJP to distance itself from the MNS.The BJP nonetheless turned a blind eye towards it and had a secret pact with the MNS. Shiv SenasupremoUddhav Thackeray later had asked BJP to clear its stand on MNS.

Uddhav Thackeray is reportedly still upset over the BJP’s overtures towards his estranged cousin Raj Thackeray.Earlier NitinGadkari had met Raj Thackeray and requested him not to field his candidate against the party.