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Amnesty scheme encourage ‘Black Money’

The government is encouraging ‘Black money’ through its Amnesty scheme of disclosing unaccounted wealth till September 30, 2016 which really is unfair to honest tax payers who pay their dues to the government on time. Amnesty schemes time and again speak poorly of the checks and balances in our country to counter generation of ‘Black Money’ which is nothing but income where people have avoided paying tax by fraudulent means.
Corruption rules roost in our country where politicians and bureaucrats have amassed huge wealth through bribes and illegal means. Such Amnesty scheme only encourage such people to convert their ill-gotten wealth which in my view is not only unfair in a democratic setup where laws should be equal for all but the government should actually be putting such people behind the bars than giving them a window of opportunity to escape arrest by paying a fine.

We need tough rules and laws in our country where people avoiding taxes are not only fined exorbitant sums but also put behind the bars so that it acts as a stern lesson for other offenders of their tribe. I request our honest Prime Minister to reward honesty by giving tax concessions to citizens who pay their tax dues to the government on time through various subsidies and at the same time making laws tough so that it is near impossible to evade taxes in future.

S. N. Kabra

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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