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Anuradha Padwal sung song with caption Pramod Chaudhary

anuradhaThe Production of Hindi movie “kaunhai who…?” started with the Mahurat, the recording of a song in Andheri. The movie is being produced by Sinha Productions Pvt. Ltd. The first song to be recorded was sung in the voice of Capt. PramodChaudhary. Famous Singer AnuradhaPaudwal recorded a duet song along with CaptPramod for the same production .

Johny lever will be seen in the lead role in the movie.The Producer, ManavN Sinha explained that the market for movies with suspense and horror is hot right now, everyone – from the young to the elderly – are interested in this genre of movies. He was confident that this movie will live up to the expectations of the viewers.

While talking to Capt. PramodChaudhary, it became evident that he has sung for many movies, his last movie was “kyaZamana”. The Good Captain is slowly creating a separate identity for himself in Bollywood. Listening to him sing, there wasn’t a doubt that if Capt.PramodChaudhary gets a lucky break, he will scale the ladder of success in his chosen.
Earlier Caption PramodChaudhary have recorded and released them in the market.

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