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Banning plastics is necessary, but it should be done in steps

Banning plastic bags and plastic products is a ‘must’ but it should’ve been done at the right time and in steps. The BMC is only minting money and knows how to harass people. It’s a most corrupt organisation in the entire world. First, these people should be shown that how roads should be constructed and potholes removed as people fall in them and lose their lives. Who is going to provide employment to those people who have lost their jobs in the plastic industry now that plastic has been banned and factories shut down? The BMC is telling us not to use garbage bags. Where then are we supposed to throw garbage? On their bloody heads? I think the penalty which will be collected by the BMC will be pickpocketed by their corrupt workers.

On the other hand, how do you carry dripping fish and meat from marketplaces? Is it feasible to carry them in paper bags, cotton/jute stitched bags or in glass or steel utensils? How ridiculous! Only plastic bags, thermocol or plastic boxes are used to carry them. There is no other alternative. First, it was beef ban and now it is plastic ban. Without plastic and plastic products the entire fishing industry will collapse.

How can a plastic container in which food is purchased (say from a restaurant) the so-called “one-time use container” going to pollute the gutters if it is properly washed and used for storing different things like food grains, coins, clips, stationery, etc? Seriously, buying aluminium and stainless steel utensils are not cheap. Hence the ban is ill-thought and does not emphasise the role of the authorities to have excellent recycling mechanisms which are easily accessible and give some monetary inducement (however small) for the person to bring their waste there. Also, a plastic carry bag in which cloth items are sold by top brands like Cambridge, Raymond’s, etc. are of good quality and very helpful for carrying items which need protection from rains. If one keeps and uses these bags at home and recycle them when they are non-usable, how does it contribute to pollution? Currently, plastic is the main contender in this field, do we have replacements which are easily and cheaply available?

Banning of plastics is definitely needed. But it should be done in steps. The government should stop its production and distribution as well as withdraw stocks that are with the retailers. Only after warnings, the penalty should be imposed. At the same time, the common man should be given sufficient time and resources like segregated waste deposit boxes at several places. Biodegradable plastics should be readily available and at low prices. Now the common man has to pay for disposing of waste along with so many people going jobless due to this ban. The implementation should’ve been done slowly and in the entire country, not just in Maharashtra alone. When we know that plastics don’t decay for several years, why did we produce it in the first place? We are all so addicted to the use of it that it will take us several months of inconvenience.

How about the BMC and KDMC banning condoms because they are the ones polluting the earth and choking the gutters too? When thrown in the sea, the fish which we consume eat the semen from them. Have we realised this?

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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