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Best 5 International Education option for commerce students

Studying abroad and going there for higher studies is a dream for many Indian students these days. It was a long back, when studying aboard was so mainstream and for only those who had rick tacking ability, adventurous or downright quirky. But if we talk about the present scenario, the number of Indian students who are moving aboard for their higher studies is increasing tremendously.

Considering the fact that the world has become one global village, there is a need for a true international employee, who understands how business is done in key markets around the globe. The major reason behind moving to aboard for higher studies among Indian students is that the Indian job market recognises a degree from an International university more than any degree from an Indian university.

Commerce as a stream is popular among students. Having studied Commerce at class 10th-12th allows students to choose from a multitude of courses at graduation level, paving the way for a range of career choices. It is a difficult choice to make from a number of options available nationally or internationally. A Bachelor degree program in Commerce from international universities who are known for their study material and manner of imparting knowledge is a rewarding one. It provides a study of the principles of economics and some programs include the fundamentals of global economics, Social and cultural awareness, Political awareness and policies and languages.

Why Indian commerce students prefer international options for higher studies? The Universities internationally offering a variety of degree courses at Under Graduate Level, Good exposure, State-of-Art Infrastructure and world recognition of the degrees earned by these foreign universities give a head start to the career of any student.

  • Indian students are used to a passive learning style, and they get to experience a more engaging and active learning style when studying abroad.
  • Active learning through various activities like class participation, exchange of dialogues, case studies and practical off and on campus experience through live projects make learning fun and more meaningful for the Indian Students.
  • International education in Commerce is to take care of this ever increasing that the Indian job market recognizes a degree from an International university more than any degree from an Indian university.
  • International education provides a holistic environment which helps a student to learn and grows in his/her area of specialization and in-depth interaction with the faculty provide the students a global perspective on any issue.

After an extensive research done by the academic team of Pratham international education desk under the guidance of Mr. Reeturaj Goswami suggests that some of the major destinations for International Education for pursuing Bachelor’s in Commerce are:

  1. United Kingdom: The UK’s leading financial hub, generating as much as 22% of the entire country’s GDP and home to over 840,000 private sector businesses, London has a lot to offer prospective business students. Not only does the city host the world’s number one institution in the recently released business and management ranking, it is also home to 100 of Europe’s largest companies, meaning graduate opportunities for business students are plentiful. Some of the top business schools in London are: London School of Economics, University of London, Brunel University.


  1. United States of America: The United States has always been a most sought-after destination for foreign education. Some of the top Universities are Georgia Institute of Technology, MIT, University of Caltech, Washington State University, Northeastern University, Michigan State University and Texas A&M University and University of Colorado Denver.


  1. New Zealand: If you aim to study in New Zealand then think no longer and take that giant leap in your career graph. New Zealand attracts students as it provides easy entry procedures. It is a great destination with affordable costs. An emphasis on research and practical exposure make it dear to all the students. University of Auckland, University of Otago, University of Canterbury and University of Wellington are few of the top universities. The known University of Auckland provides a complete set of core courses. These include two exciting sequences in Business and Enterprise. It helps the student to develop academic and professional skills.


  1. Australia: Students are selecting Australia for their easy visa process to migrate and having a multicultural and friendly environment. Students from different countries in Australia can work up to 20 hours a week and after graduation, they can also benefit from a post-study work visa. The Australian government has initiated a Professional Year Program dedicated to all graduates in accounting, information technology and engineering programmes, allowing them to work in a local company. Melbourne, a city which benefits from strong healthcare services, cultural diversities, and low levels of crime, as well as one of Asia-Pacific’s leading financial centres.The one of the top most university which is not less than a dream for the commerce students – The University of Melbourne provides an in-depth understanding of business issues and processes and their resourcefulness. Leadership and solving skills are a gift to commerce students who do their higher studies from this prestigious university.
  1. Singapore: Singapore is the world’s fourth largest financial centre and one of the world’s top five busiest ports in Asia is already gearing up itself to hold a triple-A credit rating. Singapore’s booming market economy depends heavily on trade, offering good levels of economic freedom and low tax rates. The University of Singapore is the finest place to land because of it’s highly valued faculties and disciplines with other cross-disciplinary initiatives available for a well-rounded knowledge base and transferable skills. The highly entrepreneurial environment helps a student to keep themselves future-ready and ready to thrive in an increasingly dynamic and volatile marketplace.

Admission to any college abroad is through SAT for most of the undergraduate courses are important. Pratham provides Classroom SAT coaching to its students in its allocated centres inclusive of In-house faculty, Psychologist,  SAT Real-Time Mock Test and many more. It also provides the widespread guidance on choice of universities, deadlines, profile building, university application, visa processing and even financial planning to study and get into the world’s best universities, making it an easy cakewalk for its students and parents.

International Education offers a variety of courses to commerce students who wish to stick to commerce would typically apply for a Bachelor in Commerce, Bachelor in Economics or in Accounting and Finance. These courses may be offered as a major or minor within business program. The world subject rankings table does not offer a separate subject option for Commerce and lists entries under Business Management, Economics and Econometrics. A booming Digital Marketing course deals in integrated marketing communications such as planning and strategy of marketing campaigns, social media communications, consumer behaviour and more.

(The author of the article is the Product Head, International Education Desk,PRATHAM Education.)

                                                                                                                                                 -Reeturaj Goswami

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