Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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BMC nod not necessary for flat alterations

In the name of renovation several alterations are taking place and from here on no BMC nod will be needed for changes made within the four walls of your flat. This in turn will allow the flat owners to make structural changes in the flat and thereby weaken the building. As per the audit report on crash of buildings recently taken place in the city, the owners are overstepping their authority and make changes in the design of their flat, which in turn weaken the entire building and become the toast of reason for the crash and the wrath of the other occupants in the building. In the interest of individual, we sacrifice human lives. And by exempting permission of BMC for the interior alteration of the building, which in turn weaken the entire structure of building and a crash follows during the work or immediately after undertaking a major work. This is not fair and gives the other flat owners in the building sleepless nights. Instead of waiving the permission clause more stringent measures should be taken to book the erring member of the flat on an inspection during the course of work. A penalty is to be levied to the extent of damage caused to the housing society.


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