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Bombay Sessions court has rejected bail plea of a man in connection with fake currency

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The court has rejected the bail plea of a man arrested who was arrested in the year 2021 for the fake currency of Rs 2000 denomination. The plea was requested by Kamlesh Bishnoi on Thursday and order copy of the case was sent on Saturday.

The judgement was given by the sessions court in which judge Rajesh J Katariya denied the bail plea in the fake currency case. The complaint was made by the shopkeeper who informed the police about the crime.

The complainer informed the police that Kamlesh Bishnoi first went to a shop to get  some groceries for  which he gave Rs 2000 the fake currency note after which another time a man named Omprakash Bishnoi came to his shop with another Rs 2000 fake currency note but after looking the serial numbers of the notes it seemed fake to the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper informed the police about the fake currency notes. The bail plea was rejected by the court second time on Thursday and it was also denied for the first time aswell when the plea was requested by the Bishnoi.

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